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May, 2018

  • 18 May

    Who is Richard Jay?

    Richard Jay_RGB (Web)

    If you follow any of the conversations in the Facebook comments about local politics, you know his name. Richard Jay. The exchanges usually have some person making an angry, flippant response about a news article on local government or WCSD. And then you’ll see Richard Jay responding with thoughtful research …

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  • 17 May

    Breathe New Life Into Your Dates: Suggestions From Local Moms

    date night joel and lynnette

    Life as a parent can get hectic. If you’re anything like me, I usually feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above water most days, and by the time the weekend rolls around, I often dream about going to bed early with a good book instead of going out …

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  • 16 May

    Reno Mom Creates Cute Clothes for the No-Bra Zone


    OK moms, so tell me if any of these scenarios sounds remotely familiar: You’re off to drop your beautiful child at daycare, but you have no desire to take off your cozy sweatshirt, put on a bra, then put your sweatshirt back on — and yet you do. Because decency. …

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  • 15 May

    How to tell if you’ve found a great waxer


    We had a local mom reach out to us to let us know she was opening a business called Waxing the City; she wanted a contributor to visit and write a review. What she didn’t know was that Reno Moms Blog was sending in its heavy hitter, someone who has been in the spa industry …

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  • 10 May

    On the Hunt (for Employment)

    spirit animal

    In December of last year, I started a new job. It had been a solid 7 years since I had been through an official interview process, updated resume to boot. 7 years. I was overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and frustrated. And I’ll give you some inside information – I work in …

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  • 9 May

    Reno River Festival: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Weekend Family Outing

    Looks like we'll have better weather this year!

    Have you been to the Reno River Festival in recent years? It is amazing to me how this festival has grown and changed since it started 14 years ago. How do I know it was 14 years ago? Because I vividly remember working the inaugural event the weekend that my …

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  • 5 May

    May Is For Mamas: Appreciating Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month


    Blame: Assign responsibility for a fault or wrong, condemn, accuse, assign liability, indict, incriminate. We are all living on this very Earth because of our mothers. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. I know that can be hard to remember when it has taken until 2018 for the care standards to …

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  • 3 May

    My Facebook Detox


    It was March, and I was in about week 4 of my depression. I have always had a tendency toward depression, though in the last few years I had been pretty consistently happy. But then that kid shot up a high school in Florida. Of all the social media outlets, …

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  • 2 May



    Last week I suffered a major blow… a huge professional disappointment. It was devastatingly shocking, and I found it difficult to crush back my tears and proceed forward. My first instinct was to give up. I thought, “That was my absolute best… if my best is not good enough, then …

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April, 2018

  • 24 April

    How Coffee and a Pinwheel Can Help Stop Child Abuse

    coffebar (1)

    We rely on our cup of coffee in the morning to wake us up, give us a little strength before fighting the battle over putting on shoes (either ours or the kids), and get us out of the house But what if that cup of coffee could help some kids in …

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