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September, 2020

July, 2020

  • 26 July

    Make Plans to Join Sierra Nevada Journeys for Family Camp

    Sierra Nevada Journeys Family Camp

    With the travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19, many families are staying close to home and have turned to camping as an alternative to other types of vacation. Additionally, RV dealerships are seeing an increase in sales by 30 percent over last year. With this influx of new campers and …

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  • 13 July

    When Peeing Your Pants Isn’t Funny Anymore

    Sacral Nerve Modulation

    True story. Shortly after baby number four, I went back to teaching fitness classes at a local martial arts studio. As I demonstrated a star jack — a vertical jump with the legs going out and the arms clapping overhead — in front of the entire class, I had a …

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June, 2020

May, 2020

  • 12 May

    Quarantine Life: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Beautiful

    Lynnette and Kids Chickadee Ridge

    I write this in week eight of the stay at home mandate. We’ve all had a different quarantine experience, and wanted to share our stories so that you know… You’re not alone… Yes, this is hard… And we’re in this together, even though we may physically be a part. Work and Homeschooling …

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March, 2020

  • 12 March

    Why Do We Fix Baby Teeth?


    I’ve heard this question many times in the decades I’ve been practicing dentistry. The short answer is that good dental hygiene matters just as much — if not more so — for baby teeth than for adult teeth. The reason is that our teeth affect many areas of development, from …

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  • 6 March

    What I Wish I knew Before My 3-Year-Old Son Drowned

    Nicole 4

    I have 16 photos of my 3-year-old son on what would be his final day of life. In 14 of them, he is wearing a life jacket or puddle jumper, time-stamped photos of my boy, grinning proudly as we unknowingly marched toward the end. Our precious Levi, drowned in June …

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January, 2020

  • 26 January

    Why You Should Seek Joy

    seek joy

    Most of us ponder the meaning of life. In all my trips around the sun, I found that this last one gave me the most insight into the simplest way to find the meaning of life. It all started with some conversations I had with my parents and my in-laws. They’re …

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  • 16 January

    Kick the Bucket List


    Something about the new year prompts a fascination with resolutions and bucket lists. We feel compelled to list out all the things we want to get done or experience, yet we rarely check everything off those lists. Almost every time I open my web browser, I see one: some story …

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