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Your Guide to Summer Movie Deals in Northern Nevada

Panicking about what to do with the kids this summer? You are SO not alone. But one thing I know for certain in the vast and often deserted landscape of parenthood: Kids love movies. And better yet, kids of all ages love movies — older kids, turns out, even find the “way beneath them” …

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Liberty Food and Wine Exchange's new starring player, the wood-fire oven. Courtesy of Liberty

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange: Date Night Heats Up with New Menu

What would you make if you had a wood-fired oven? Mark Estee’s answer is pretty much anything, and he has designed new menu items and remodeled Liberty Food & Wine Exchange to show off this beautiful addition. On the night I visited, Reno Moms Blog was given a behind-the-scene look …

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The Tale of the Headless Easter Bunny

I have issues. I get that. But perhaps during no season are my issues more prevalent than during the run-up to Easter. And there’s one massive reason. The Easter Bunny. But not the cute, fluffy, imaginary one (sorry kids if you’re reading this) that stops by my house every year to set …

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