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Meningitis! Our Momma Doc Shares What You Should Know


Breaking news – An unusually high number of viral/aseptic meningitis cases have health officials in Washoe County concerned, particularly since the outbreak coincides with a similar outbreak of viral meningitis in Susanville, CA. But what is meningitis? Meningitis is an infection of the thin layer of tissue around the brain …

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Adam Trent: Family Friendly Fun thru October 22


I love a good family date night, and the Eldorado Showroom has become our go-to place to go as a family for a fun night out. A few weeks ago, we headed out to see the Adam Trent: The Next Generation of Magic. I mean, how cool is it that we …

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‘Planning’ and ‘Parenting’ Are Not Contradictory Words

Rachel Cabanting

As an Army master sergeant, a safety manager, a radiation safety officer and fellow Nevadan, I would like to think that I have “my stuff” together.  Spending 16 years in the military makes you a planner, a leader, and a subject matter expert in contingency planning and logistically living life …

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