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5 Ice Cube Tray Hacks

Photo credit: This Beautiful Day

I found a set of ice cube trays while cleaning out my kitchen, leftover from my more ambitious days of thinking I’d make and freeze baby food (key word here is think). I almost set them in the donate pile with the mini muffin pans that I don’t use anymore, …

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Q&A with State Assembly Candidate Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters and family

It’s that time of year – election season. And if you didn’t notice, then you must not have looked at your phone every night for the past week around 7 pm. Primaries are June 12th, and that’s just the pre-show. To help our moms do a bit of research, we …

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Returning to Pre-Baby Dreams and Goals (Post Babies)


Twelve years ago, shortly after I got married, I stumbled across cardio kickboxing classes at my local gym. I fell in love with the movements and the inherent “fun” aspect of this group class. The instructor, Verna, quickly become one of the highlights of the class. She was fun, encouraging, …

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