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A Love Letter to my Housecleaner

A Love Letter To My House Cleaner

Dear Carol, It’s been four weeks since your last visit. Preparing for my transformation from working mom to stay at home mom, I decided I could pick up the housecleaning slack. I also figured I could save a few bucks by having you cease work here a full six weeks …

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Rules of the Direct Marketing Party from the Viewpoint of the Sap You’re Trying to Sell to

Direct sales

Ah, November, you certainly snuck up on us. The holiday season is now in full ramp, and that means invites to lots of parties. And who doesn’t love a party? Of course, there’s one type of party invite that always brings me anxiety, and that is the Direct Sales Party. …

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I Can’t Do It All: My Fall From Wonder Woman Status

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman. She’s a comic book hero Lynda Carter made into a glamorous icon in the 1970’s. As a girl, I loved her golden tiara and bracelets. Her lasso and red boots were pretty cool, too. I wanted to be her. And I was when I played dress up, and …

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A Day in the Life (and Mind) of a Stay at Home, Homeschooling Mom of 4 under 7


I recently had this idea to write down what my day looks like  (and by “recently”, I mean today); both so I can remember it for years to come, and also because I often get asked about my day with four small kids.  So.  Here’s what a day looks like …

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