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Betsy McDonald

Betsy McDonald
Betsy McDonald is a soon-to-be wife and stepmother to two teenagers, ages 16 and 14, both of whom are taller than she. She spends her days doing PR, marketing and event planning, and her nights boxing, dancing and attempting a variety of unorthodox work outs that require a little more balance than she actually possesses. In the meantime, she spends plenty of time at Lake Tahoe and is working on perfecting the lacrosse mom persona, golfing, attempting SUP yoga, remodeling a home with her fiancé, planning her wedding, and maintaining the overall health, wealth and happiness of her newly found family. As a child growing up in Nebraska, Betsy’s dad would travel to Lake Tahoe to ski, bringing home pennant flags, T-shirts and a variety of other Reno-Tahoe-related paraphernalia. This prompted her to desire to find out just what “the Biggest Little City in the World” actually meant. By chance, she would end up here thanks to a job transfer to Gardnerville for her mom and the Millennium Scholarship. As a 14-year resident of the Biggest Little City, she’s proud to live and love in Reno. Betsy is an athlete, a writer and a cancer survivor – and hopefully an amazing stepmom. Stay tuned….

Betsy’s Winter Skin Care Arsenal

betsys beauty products

So winter is really here. My hair is dry, my skin is dry, my plants are sad. But….rather than give you my “recommendations” that just happen to be sponsored by the maker, I’ve got some real goodies for you that will actually combat the miserableness that is winter skin. As …

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My First Real “Mom” Moment

Betsy's cousin, Jason Berglund, who is missing.

I’m getting married in a matter of days. I’ve just moved in with my fiancée and we’re building a house. I started a new job. I’ve been renting vacation homes, revising floral arrangements, finding new DJs, figuring out hair stylists and creating and revising seating charts and timelines like they’re …

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Competition is Overrated

Fencing Match

If you know me, you know that I have impeccably high standards. High standards for others, but even higher standards for myself. This makes me judgmental. It’s a hideously ugly trait; but it’s something I’m working on. I am especially judgmental of other females. Partly because I believe that men …

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The Pride Factor

Pride Road Sign - 7 Deadly Sins Series

Recently, I was invited to a party by my future mother-in-law. She was throwing the little afternoon soiree for nearly all of her closest friends who have known her for decades and my fiancé literally, since he was in diapers. They’ve seen him go through just about everything including his …

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