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‘Defy’ the Odds: Here’s a Destination the ENTIRE Fam Can Enjoy!

Defy Sparks

Last week, my four kiddos (5, 7, 9, and 11) and I stopped in to the new Defy in Sparks for an afternoon of fun together. Let me tell you, I was so surprised at how much fun we all had, and at how the layout allowed for my often clingy 5-year-old to feel like he could roam around without me a bit. We. Loved. It.

I’m going to give you the run down of my visit with my crew of children, starting at the beginning with the lockers (yes, I’m excited about the lockers…#momlife). As a mom who prefers to jump with my kids rather than watch, this was a game changer. I’m often checking on my purse which is not-so-discreetly-hidden under a child’s sweater. Not here! Lockers are included and plentiful. Grab one (or two if you have a bunch of kids), set your stuff inside, choose a code, and forget about it! So easy.

Heading into the play area, a staff member greets you and gives you the low-down on the rules. I loved this. My kids knew the rules, but so did everyone else. Win-win on the safety. Also, every staff member we interacted with was incredibly friendly, which is always appreciated.

With four kids, I often struggle to find fun places where I can not only help the littlest, but also watch the big kids and their incessant “look at me’s!” The layout for Defy is open, and with relatively few exceptions, I could see all of my children playing no matter where I was standing. Besides trampolines, we found dodge ball, aerial silks, ninja obstacle courses, a zip line, swings into pits, and more.

It’s no secret that my family and I love OCR (obstacle course racing). My husband, kids, and I all participate in various OCR races each year. I’m not going to lie, I texted my husband after leaving and let him know that I really want to go back to Defy without the kids and challenge him to a “healthy” competition where I kick his butt at each and every obstacle. I’m calling it “training,” and it’s like the ultimate date night for our household. #iwillwin

Moms, this place is simply amazing. Brightly lit, super clean bathrooms (and everything, really), a snack bar, and plenty to keep your kids (and you) busy for a couple hours.

If you are a parent of older kiddos who are happy to play on their own, you can even check them in and sit outside on the patio in the sun (or shade) and get a little bit of time to yourself. If you have little kids (6 and under), there is a time slot each morning M-F that is designated for young children. There are special discount during these time slots, and parents jump free with their little ones! Family night is every Monday from 6-9pm, and your entire immediate family can buy an hour of time for just $45!

Overall, I loved this place. I loved it as a mom of littles and bigs (something for every age). I loved it as a mom of many (lots of kids to keep eyes on, and easy to do so here), and I loved it as a person who loves all things strength and obstacle-focussed. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and plan a trip to the new Defy. You won’t regret it!


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Jessica Locke
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