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When your Tween Needs Braces

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 8.40.28 PMMy daughter recently lost her last baby tooth, which felt like a major milestone. Also, per conversations with our dentist, I knew that it meant she was ready for an Orthodontist consultation. I turned to my network of friends on Facebook for recommendations, and was advised to shop around. I felt like I was about to buy a car!

My first consultation was with Orthodontic Partners, and I was so impressed with what I saw, I cancelled the other appointments. Not only was the South Meadows office super convenient to my house and adjacent to our pediatric dentist, but the staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and the price was honestly lower than I had been preparing myself for.

What I didn’t realize until our appointment is that Orthodontic Partners is a Top 1% provider of Invisalign. That really piqued my interest! After taking photos of my daughter’s teeth, the Orthodontist presented us with our options. I was pretty shocked to learn that my daughter could select braces or Invisalign for the same cost! With the braces, she even had the choice of silver or clear brackets for the same price.

The more the Orthodontist and his assistant told me about Invisalign, I was sold. I had braces when I was a teen, and I vividly remember what a pain it was to floss and how uncomfortable it was after getting my braces tightened. I learned with Invisalign that the process is so gradual that you only really experience soreness when you first start wearing them. It also makes dental hygene a synch! Heck, it made me wonder if I should fine-tune my smile after my teeth have moved over the years.

However, it turned out my daughter had different ideas. Within her peer group, “everyone” had traditional braces and much to my dismay, she was staunchly opposed to the idea of Invisalign (still blows my mind). I figured it was her face, and since it was the same price and she was the one who had to deal with the extra cleaning, I let her choose what she wanted, and she ended up choosing the clear braces.

We had an appointment to get the braces on within a week, and the appointment was remarkably quick. We’re on a payment plan for the next two years, but with an interest free payment plan and insurance footing part of the bill, it was much more financially palatable than I had been expecting all these years. Plus, there is a $1,000 discount for parents to get treatment when they buy services for their child, so heck, I may just have to fine tune my chompers!

My daughter has had a few issues where a wire popped loose and a bracket fell off, but I found that Orthodontic Partners has managed to fit me in the schedule the day of or day after I call to get everything back in working order, and this is all included in the cost we agreed to upfront.

Orthodontic Partners also has an office designed for tweens/teens. There are tablets with video games in the waiting room, TVs above each treatment station, and ice cream pops in the freezer in the lobby to help soothe gums after getting the braces tightened.

Not only that, but as a working mom, I’ve found the wifi in the lobby to be a great way for me to maintain my productivity at work while my daughter is being seen!
When it’s your turn to shop around for an Orthodontist, take this Reno Mom’s recommendation that you should make sure Orthodontic Partners is on your list to get a free consultation!  


This post is sponsored by Orthodontic Partners


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