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Motherhood in the Raw

Pictured: Sherri Puzey of Sparks, with her two daughters.

Motherhood is an elevated, high calling.

It may not appear that way on the outside looking in, since we often find ourselves in humble places (whether we’re wiping bums, cleaning sticky fingers, breathing deeply amidst our frustrations or moving through difficult feelings of being undervalued or unseen).

My hope is that I can be a part of a community of women who are authentic about motherhood from every angle. If we can be raw, real, vulnerable with one another — what kind of force could we be, in our circles of friends, in our families, our community?

So, what does Motherhood in the raw look like for you?

Pictured: Anna Thornley of Reno, with two of her four children.

Being parents in 2018, I think we’re often shooting for the moon, stretching ourselves beyond our limits. But at what cost? I’m all for growing your own garden, making your own detergent, or sewing your own crib sheets (okay, admittedly, I don’t know anyone who’s done that). These are all individually great things, but I think we can overcomplicate what really counts and what truly matters to our children and our families. Are we trying to prove something to ourselves? To someone else? I’ve been challenged with that question lately when I look at what I’m prioritizing in my life.

Here’s what I’d like motherhood in the raw to look like, in my own life:

Pictured: Serina Steeves of Reno with her daughter (and daughter in utero!)

Being still. Being present. Taking in every detail, breathing in the scent of my babies.

Pictured: Sherry Puzey of Sparks, with her two daughters.

Being hands on. Physically loving and encouraging my children with hugs, kisses, back scratches — on their terms of course.

Pictured: Serina Steeves of Reno, with her daughter.

Less stress. Less complication. More simplicity and more laughter.

Anna Thornley of Reno, with two of her four children.

It means getting outside of my own head and my agenda for a few moments so I can understand the world from a child’s perspective.

Pictured: Katie Stoll of Sparks, with one of her sons.

Practicing self-care, so I can be the best version of myself for me  — and them.

Pictured: Melanie Menon of Reno, with her two sons.

Motherhood in the raw. Being real, vulnerable, and honest isn’t easy. This has been a year where I’ve felt exposed and vulnerable myself — but I’m grateful for the circumstances that led me to become more comfortable with being in that position. This is where growth happens — where we can open ourselves up to intimacy in our friendships with other moms, and where our children can get the best of us.



About Melanie Menon

Melanie Menon
Melanie formerly worked in the mental health field & is now a stay at home mom to her two boys. She enjoys quality time with her husband and kids, coffee, and genuine conversation with others. She is looking forward to getting more connected in the Reno community!

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