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How to tell if you’ve found a great waxer

wax1We had a local mom reach out to us to let us know she was opening a business called Waxing the City; she wanted a contributor to visit and write a review. What she didn’t know was that Reno Moms Blog was sending in its heavy hitter, someone who has been in the spa industry for years who knows the only way to judge a good wax service is to go all the way with a Brazilian.

Before I became a stay-at-home mommy, I worked in a day spa. In my experience of interviewing aestheticians on their waxing capability, I would get a Brazilian wax (which is ALL hair removed from the vagina and butt) and ask myself one simple yes or no question afterwards: “Would I pay for this?”

wax2Most rookie aestheticians can pull off an eyebrow wax, but only the great waxers can pull off the Brazilian. To add to the pressure, Waxing the City’s “cerologist” Lindsey did the service knowing that I would be telling my story to thousands of readers on Reno Moms Blog haha!!!

Let me tell you: Lindsey nailed it. She was quick, confident, the perfect balance of professional and personal, and I was comfortable. Most importantly, she waxed all the hair off in what was probably the best Brazilian of my life. And I’ve had more Brazilians than I can count or remember.

wax3Maybe you’re cringing at the thought of such a service and the pain. Maybe going all the way is not your thing and you’d prefer a just a bikini wax. Or maybe just a lip/chin/brow tint is more your speed. Let me just make the argument that for any woman, especially moms, we deserve the self care and attention, and personally I just cannot do it by myself at home anymore because my kid is with me all the time even when I’m in the shower! I will gladly go get waxed because it is an excuse to get a break, and the hair is gone better than I can accomplish by myself. Oh yeah and did I mention I feel sexy, smooth, clean, sexy, sexy….and the husband liked it too.

Go to Lindsey at Waxing the City Reno — she does not disappoint. And by the way, I’ve already booked my next appointment.


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Christy Cooper
Christy Cooper is a stay at home new/first time mommy to her one year old daughter, Lacey. She has lived in Reno for two years now, and is the ambassador for Hike it Baby Reno-Tahoe. Christy's got the brains, the beauty, and the booty. She really wants a Bissel Crosswave for Christmas.

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