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How a Mobile Car Detail Completely Changed my Mom Game

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Recently I came to the conclusion that my car was depressing. I am a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and a dog, and we tear our car up. The muddy paw marks, window smears, the dried bottle milk, the CRUMBS, the smells. Ok, it’s not all from the kid and the dog — there are many empty Starbucks cups and random bits of trash from mom up at the driver’s seat. On top of that there’s just so much clothing and toys and random crap in my car, and it was overwhelmingly and depressingly filthy.

I had to confront it and take control before it ate me alive. If not for me, for my daughter’s sake; we as moms, after all, are setting examples on how to live right?


Now I know we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves to other moms, but I do have a mom friend with four kids, and every single time I’ve seen her driving, her car is shiny on the outside and crumbless on the inside. Like not even one crumb, and no dust on the dash. One night when she picked me up to go out, I jumped in her car and called her out on that shit.

“What the hell is your secret? You have four kids and your car always looks new — I can’t take it!!”

So she shared her secret: Quality Mobile Detailing.

Quality Mobile DetailI decided that I’d give it a try, and it completely changed my mom game. Here’s why: I didn’t have to load up my kid and dog into the car and drive to drop it off for a half day of work and be carless killing time waiting for it to be done. That in itself would have been impossible. Maybe I could have it done on the weekend when the hubby is home from work, but it’s still not an ideal way to spend a family weekend.

The guy who owns Quality Mobile Detailing is a really nice guy named Brennen who is a dad himself. He came to the house, unloaded all the crap that wasn’t garbage and brought it to my door for me to put away. Then he completely detailed the interior and did a clay bar wax on the outside and cleaned the headlights. Weirdly the headlight cleaning reminded me of teeth whitening but on a car, but anyways, it was wonderful and I never had to leave the house. My daughter loved watching the bubbles covering the car. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that she screams and gets scared through the drive through car washes (so that’s out)? As for the carseat, he vacuumed and wiped it out well and explained how it’s against his liability insurance to remove the seat from its position.

I will definitely call Brennen again. As a mom we learn a lot of tricks, life hacks, and routines that help us function survive and thrive. I think that I just found a new trick to step up my mom game!


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Christy Cooper
Christy Cooper is a stay at home new/first time mommy to her one year old daughter, Lacey. She has lived in Reno for two years now, and is the ambassador for Hike it Baby Reno-Tahoe. Christy's got the brains, the beauty, and the booty. She really wants a Bissel Crosswave for Christmas.

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