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An Argument for Self-Care

When was the last time you missed a doctor’s appointment? I’m not talking about one that you totally spaced, or maybe were too sick to go that day, but instead, when was the last time you knew you should go to the doctor for that checkup, but never actually scheduled it?

Now, here’s the kicker. When was the last time you did the same for your kids? Okay, I’m not saying that means that you’ve never forgotten an appointment for your kids, or moved an appointment because shit happens, but I guarantee, I guarantee, that you do it much less for your kids, than you do for yourself.

Why? Why do we make ourselves less of a priority? Parents are the glue that keep the family together, and if that glue gets runny, thin, stressed, tired, fed up, exhausted, annoyed, and sick, it all falls apart.

And then, there’s the guilt. Oh boy, the guilt.

The other day, I meal planned and prepped for the week, had dinner on the stove, worked a full 10 hours, cleaned/picked up the house, and I felt guilty for asking my husband to pick up one of the kids.

Now back up: It’s not because my husband doesn’t do his fair share. In all honesty, he does more than I do sometimes, and sometimes I do more than he does. It’s all a balance. We’re partners.

But the point is that no matter how much I do, I feel guilty for asking for help, time, space, and sanity.

Go further down this road to nonessential things, like haircuts, massages, personal time, hobbies, and you’re kidding yourself. I get my hair done…maybe once every two years. When do I get my nails done? Whenever there’s a wedding. Massage? Does your kids walking on your back count?

So here’s my argument for self-care: do it. And try not to feel too guilty.

To prove I mean it, I got my hair done in less than my usual 2-year period (only six months this time!). I went to Haven, to have Kristyn Johnson tackle my hair.


And Haven is exactly as it sounds — it’s a Haven. It’s quiet, beautiful, and peaceful. Each stylist has their own room for privacy. Each stylist can use their own preferred products, and there is no one line that you have to stick to. Kristyn uses hair care that derives only from natural ingredients, which is something that I’m trying to be better about. Plus, she lightened by hair without the use of peroxide or ammonia – which means that not only is it healthier for her, but it’s healthier for my hair (no bleach here!).

Not only that, but Kristyn is a mom with two daughters of her own. And honestly, I try as much as possible to support other moms in the area. Not just because I want to help moms with their own business, but because they have realistic expectations. I’m not going to have time to do my hair every day. Sometimes, I’m lucky if I shower. And when I meet another mom, there’s always that knowing gleam in their eye that some days, we’re just lucky to be alive.

hairBut my favorite part about the visit wasn’t that I felt like a million bucks after (I did), it’s that I did something for myself. And I’m not afraid to admit that when I feel better about myself, I feel like nothing can stop me.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with Kristyn, text or call her at 775.342.8558.


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Lindsey Sanford
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