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Calling All Geek Girls!

Are you waiting for your Hogwarts letter?
Do you count down to the next Game of Thrones episode?
Can you finish the following sentence: time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly…?


Do you love browsing bookstores for the intoxicating smell of paper and ink?
Can you tell me when is Pi Day?
Are you kicking your husband’s butt at video games or building Minecraft structures with your kids?


Can you hum the Imperial March?
Are you just as excited as your kids when a new animated film comes out?
Lastly, and most importantly, do you like brunch?


If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions above, then read on to learn more about an amazing group called Geek Girl Brunch! If not…you may need to reevaluate your life choices because, seriously, who doesn’t like brunch?


Geek Girl Brunch is a meetup group of ladies who geek out together, usually when mimosas are involved. Don’t worry about whether you are “geeky enough” because you can be a geek about anything and no one is a geek about everything. This is a safe space to share your geeky obsessions, or lack thereof. Some of us aren’t into Star Wars (me). Some of us only like – not love – Harry Potter (also me). And some of us just watch these shows/films for eye candy (definitely me, helloooooooo David Tennant).


Our brunches are typically on Sundays, with some Saturday options thrown in for those with Sunday schedule conflicts, and themed. Because, well, themes are fun. Themes keep people interested and excited and if it’s one that’s near and dear to your geeky heart, then dress up! Feel the freedom to show up representing your favorite fandom with a shirt, a dress, or a costume.


Even if a theme may not be your cup of tea, we go on enough tangents that I’m sure we will eventually cover something you’re geeking out about. To give you an idea of the wide variety of topics and themes we cover, my first brunch was Ani-MAY! followed by  Joss Whedon July and August Authors. We love puns and alliteration almost as much as we love bacon – which is a lot.


Come join us at our Marvel March brunch on Saturday, 3/24. For more information, see our Facebook page and/or Geek Girl Brunch chapter page or email us. We are a welcoming bunch – ha, almost typed brunch there, um, I think I may have a problem… – and would love to see some new faces and hear some new voices as we geek out over one of the most successful superhero franchises and, of course, eat brunch.



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Angela Francis
Angela's original life plan was to have five cats and no kids. After catching the baby fever, she now has one cat and one kid – a compromise her and her husband are quite happy with. Some of her favorite things are: coffee, cats, conversations, cookies, and cardio boot camps. She is also a big fan of alliterations.

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