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F***ing Car Naps

stubborn toddler

Fucking car naps.

I’ll tell you what: When my baby is melting down and just won’t nap at home, or she woke up as I was crawling out of the bed before I wet the bed myself after holding it for the past hour trying to get her to sleep…it’s time to load it up and go for a drive.

We moms look forward to nap time, because it’s our chance to take a breath. Those naps are a slice of heaven — whether it’s to clean up the house or some form of productivity, binge watch our shows, just lay there and play on our phones, or “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

You can never totally let go during a nap, because they can end at any time, by surprise, when you weren’t ready. I like my child’s nap to last long enough that I’m ready for her to wake up — because I don’t know myself without her, and I miss her.

When the crying continues because she’s so tired, when no book or toy or holding calms her down because she’s so tired, nothing is helping, and I can’t think or see straight anymore and the walls are coming in — then you know it’s time to get out of the fucking house.

It’s time to drive.

When you see a mom driving with a kid asleep (or not) in the back, don’t assume she has a destination. She most likely is driving aimilessly so her kid will sleep, because it wasn’t happening at home.

Consider that this may be her only outing for the day, that this is the only interaction she has with the outside world. If she’s lucky, she may be able to park with the child still asleep and connect on social media to others, text friends, or read a book.

For me, my child will wake up at a red light or stop sign, so I have to keep it moving.

Which is to say: I have routes.


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Christy Cooper
Christy Cooper is a stay at home new/first time mommy to her one year old daughter, Lacey. She has lived in Reno for two years now, and is the ambassador for Hike it Baby Reno-Tahoe. Christy's got the brains, the beauty, and the booty. She really wants a Bissel Crosswave for Christmas.

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