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The Elephant in the Room…Santa Claus

santaI’m sorry, but what the hell is up with parents that choose not to trick their kids into believing Santa Claus exists?!? A lot of my mom friends are not perpetuating the Santa Claus myth and I’m surprised, like really? Its super fun as a parent to play along in the Santa game. It makes me happy to point out Santa, to pretend, to tell all the stories about the North Pole, etc. Have you watched Game of Thrones and white walkers in the North? Shame on you for entertaining those ideas for fun because that’s not real life. You should be sitting watching documentaries about global warming and telling your kids about the extinction of the polar bears cause that’s what’s really going down in the Artic Circle.  Ok, it’s wrong to lie. But don’t pretend that you never lie to your kids, you do! Are parents worried about tarnishing their role as trustworthy, and how betrayed the kids will be when they find out he’s not real? Come on now lets not over think this, Santa Claus is awesome and kids love it. I mean, what!?! is it that we don’t want our kids to become gullible and make poor life decisions because they believe anything and everything and it all started with believing in Santa….

You’re gonna have to talk about Santa one way or the other, like the elephant in the room. Unlike a tooth fairy or Easter bunny who could go under the radar, Santa is everywhere during Christmastime so you cant just not do Santa and not talk about it.  In my opinion you should totally do Santa and enjoy it. For real are you really about to take Santa away from your kid’s upbringing? That’s messed up! That’s going to get you in more trouble than “lying” about it in the first place your kids are going to resent that they never got to entertain the idea of Santa.

Now if your kids are getting suspicious you have to handle that. “Mom, I think that Santa was real because he had a real beard.” This is what one daughter told her mom recently. She’s on the cusp, and that’s okay! Does the child want the truth or do they just want reassurance? I would suggest showing the NORAD Santa Tracker, https://www.noradsanta.org/ that will reassure anybody that’s legit! Is it time to play pretend Santa together even when everyone knows its just pretend? Do we need to transition out of the childhood belief of Santa Claus into a symbol of generosity and goodness and then work on being an active magic-maker for others? Do we need to talk about the history of St. Nicholas? What to say on the playground when kids say Santa isn’t or is real, it can go on and on and that’s where the true parenting skills come in, in my opinion. But for the little ones who will and like to believe in Santa Claus let them enjoy it!!!!!!



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