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A Gift for You This Holiday: December Sale on Stretch Mark Cream

cream exGreetings, Reno Moms Blog community! Happy holidays, Thanksgiving came and went.  Now it’s Christmas and then New Years.  Yes, the holidays continue whether you love or hate them. Wait, we forgot something.  Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday it was.

Whether out at the stores or online you purchased much for many other people but yourselves.  For the whole month of December, starting today through the 31st we are running a sale for you. Our stretch mark cream product is now on sale today for 30% off and yes of course since it’s a sale we’re throwing in free shipping.  We know most people love that.

If you have existing stretch marks the cream will lighten and fade it.  Its additional use is for scars or moisturizing your skin to keep it healthy and smooth.  Our cream was the first of our product line.  Think it’s just another typical cream.  Nope.  Two powerful and expense ingredients from Sederma, a Croda company Matrixyl and Darutoside are added.

Head over to our store on Amazon to make your purchase.  Enter the discount code  6WJKEAE2 to get 30% off and ZW8Q2UNP to get free shipping at checkout. Those are discounts just for the readers of Reno Moms Blog!

Thank you in advance for your purchase and we will get it out you soon so you can enjoy it.

Excel Skin Care
Customer Care Team


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