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To the One Who Made Me a Mother

mom and childDearest A:

I’m writing to tell you today that things are going to change in our home and in our lives — and they’ll never be the same again.  There is going to be one more who needs me, one more I’m responsible for, one more I have to share my time with, one more to call me Mommy.  But you my love, you will always be my first child — no one can ever take that away from us.  You will always be the one who changed my life forever in oh-so-many wondrous ways. You are the first one I fell in love with at first sight (or first kick!), you are the first one whose face I can’t wait to see every morning or at the end of a rough day, you’re the first one I’d lay my life down for without a blink of an eye (sorry husband!), you are the first one who’s made me what I am today: a mother.

I may have to hold the baby more, care for the baby more and worry for the baby more, but you, my dear, will ALWAYS be the one who taught me how to do this. You are the one who taught me how to give more and be more. We will get used to the new normal, you and I.  But until then, my baby — please be patient with mommy and know that I love you ever so much. Know that the place you hold in my heart is yours forever.

Neha Sa

Neha Singh (nee Sah) was born and raised in India and moved to the Northern Nevada area when she married her husband. Comparing and contrasting the two cultures she has lived in is something Neha has enjoyed these last few years, but assimilation wasn’t as hard as some would think (thanks Hollywood!) She and her husband welcomed a daughter in their lives in August 2014 and watching her grow and learn has been the single greatest joy of Neha’s life. She is very grateful for the life she has lived so far and the family and friends that have made it so. She is a manager at a distribution company, loves hanging out with her family, which includes her dog, reading, and writing about her experiences.


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