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Adam Trent: Family Friendly Fun thru October 22

AdamTrent_ProductionPhoto_11I love a good family date night, and the Eldorado Showroom has become our go-to place to go as a family for a fun night out. A few weeks ago, we headed out to see the Adam Trent: The Next Generation of Magic. I mean, how cool is it that we have a Broadway performer in town, who happens to be from the worlds best-selling magic show?!

This is truly an all-ages magic show that is a high-tech extravaganza that also features comedy and music. (Side note: Even I was surprised that his assistant wasn’t a scantily clad showgirl ,  much to my husband’s chagrin). What makes this show special is how Adam Trent mixes traditional card tricks and magic with the technology of cameras and holograms. It’s like traditional meets new age.

AdamTrent_ProductionPhoto_1You’d think card tricks in a showroom wouldn’t work, but with an on-stage cameraman, there were close-ups of what he was doing, and he had all four of us scratching our heads at how he did the tricks.

I loved how a good portion of his show is audience participation. He brought up numerous kids on stage and involved them in the act. (I was shocked that my children, who are always hoping for the spotlight shied away from this opportunity!) Not only did he showcase his mad magician skills, but he also had all of us laughing, especially when he brought a serious lawyer from Georgia to the stage and poked fun at him. Good thing the lawyer was a good sport — no one wants to anger a lawyer!

When I asked my kids what their favorite part of the show was, my son said it was when Adam Trent put an audience member’s iPhone in a blender….  Or so we thought! My daughter liked the huge audience participation trick he did that required all of us to fold paper and crush it into a ball. I won’t give it away, but the way he took random pieces of paper to execute a well-choreographed magic trick was truly amazing.

This show is only playing at the Eldorado through October 22, and if you buy now, you can get 50% off dining with the purchase of a full priced ticket! Click here for details!

Here’s a pic of my kids with Adam Trent after the show…  Right after my son proclaimed he now wants to be a magician when he grows up!
kids with adam trent

Check out highlights from the show in this promo video.

Many thanks to the Eldorado Resort Casino for providing complimentary tickets to Reno Moms Blog so that we could check this out on behalf of all local parents!


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