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Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned as the Mom of Many

Being a military family has its benefits. One of those benefits is that our family gets to travel and experience America and even the world. After each move into our temporary home, we get to learn and adopt the local culture and social norms. We slowly over the few years we live at each home become locals. Of course, each of those duty stations changes us forever, and we become an eclectic mix of multiple cultures. This also make us masters of camouflage, as we are quick to adapt and learn what is necessary to become a local. However, with my family, it is slightly harder to be camouflaged against the locals.

mom of manyThere are just a few more of us than the average family, and no matter where we go, people notice. It is nice when this noticing prompts people to approach us telling us about how much they love to see larger families. However, usually the noticing takes a negative tone. Sometimes my husband and I exchange looks, not quite sure if we should believe what our ears have told us has come out of the mouth of a stranger.

Sometimes these comments are made by fellow moms. I consider their face as they make an exasperated comment while trying to juggle their errands while attending to one or two children at their side. I see in their eyes they are overwhelmed. We moms of many children are no different than any other moms, but I do wish I could take the time to tell her that it is all going to be okay.

As the mom of many, I know you’re overwhelmed. All moms get overwhelmed, and it’s okay. It’s all temporary. This phase your child is going through that has you completely frazzled will pass. You will look back and remember how hard it was, but that’s okay. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes motherhood is hard. You are not alone.

I see that you’re exhausted. You are 100 percent tired. I am tired too. Oh, so tired! However, I am not 500 percent more tired because I have more children than you do. We are moms. We are all tired together! I am told that once our littles get older, we will miss being completely exhausted. I am going on faith here that they are right!

We moms of many tend not to get stuck on the little things. This does not make us more evolved than any other mom. It means that we have less time to worry about those things. One of my children absolutely insists on wearing his pants and shirt inside out, backwards, or any combination of both. I could take the time and energy to fight him to ensure he looks put together when we leave the house, but it’s not worth it. I have faith that those who see us have been there and done that and know that will of a toddler is strong! In the long run, it will not hurt that for six months of his life, he walked around in public with his shirt inside out and backwards! It’s okay!

So, moms, have faith that you are not being judged. We moms of many have been there, and we are right there in the thick of motherhood alongside you. It’s all going to be okay. Have faith.

Julie My name is Julie and I am a mother of four. My husband and I are expecting our fifth child in December. We currently live in Fallon, and my husband has a career in the U.S. Navy.


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