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The Ultimate Date Night: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Image Credit: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
Image Credit: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

When is the last time you had a date night? Now imagine you with your man, a Tahoe sunset, wiggling your toes in the sand and enjoying a great glass of wine while listening to the classic and extraordinary lines of Shakespeare. Yup, Shakespeare… on the beach and you’re not dreaming! There is still time to grab your favorite guy (or girl friend!) and head up to see the world class offerings of the great Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival on our very own Sand Harbor beach.

What sounds more marvelous than hearing the waves in the background while you witness a grand production featuring lavish costumes, stunning sets and a group of the most talented individuals reciting the infamous lines of Shakespeare?!

This year the Festival is offering two large productions; Love’s Labour’s Lost and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Families are welcome to come early and have their very own picnic on the beach before the spectacle begins or even enjoying from the various concessions available at the venue. A great cocktail while basking in the beauty of Lake Tahoe while you await the performance might be in order as well!

Image Credit: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
Image Credit: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

What we like even more than the production itself, which seems hard to beat is the educational piece behind the great organization of The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Their educational piece is best seen through their D.G. Menchetti Young Shakespeare Program. This program highlights performances that are produced for a younger audience at Lake Tahoe and all throughout Northern Nevada. The arts are a vital part of children growing up and what better way to teach them the value of literature than to expose them to the legendary works of the great Shakespeare.

Now comes the best news… You still have time to catch a showing! The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare shows will continue throughout the month of August so be sure to buy your tickets and enjoy the wonderful showcase this organization has to offer and the great work they do. So be sure to get a sitter and check out a show before the last show happening on August 23rd!

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