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That Time of the Month? Beware the Yellow Zone

caution signIt happens to pretty much every woman I know, at some point in her life. But, for me it became so much of a thing, that I have a name for it: the Yellow Zone. You know, the week before your period when the rest of the world goes crazy while you remain the last sane person? That time of the month when Every. Little. Thing. Annoys. You. When you want to eat the shit out of that box of macaroni and cheese and devour all the Fritos, but you don’t because little eyes and ears and watching you and learning from you (or maybe you do anyway, like I do). Even when your fat jeans don’t fit. ‘Nuff said.

I used to think it was my ex-husband who was incorrigible once a month. It was a cycle that every month we would have some sort of fight, or I couldn’t stand to even look at him, or he did something that just set me off. But, after our divorce, I started online dating (a whole ‘nother article!), and I began to realize that I was the common denominator. I was the one cycling. Horror of all horrors: I couldn’t blame everything on him (ok, a lot of it…but not everything!).

As I got more and more involved in my current relationship, he was the one who noticed my pattern and gently suggested that we talk about it. Not during my yellow zone, of course. We came up with a plan of things that I was willing to try and have had success with, more or less.

  1. I double up on my herbal supplements and vitamins for a few days to help my mood and my energy level.
  2. I do a colon cleanse, which helps me fight cravings, improves my mood (the gut-brain connection is strong with this one!), increases my energy and keeps the fat jeans in the closet.
  3. The times I don’t want to work out, is when I *have* to work out.
  4. Keep up on communication and intimacy with each other, which go delightfully hand in hand.

So, now when the words “Yellow Zone” are uttered in my house, everyone is prepared, including myself. I feel so much more empowered when I can predict when it is coming, what to expect, and know that I can do something about it.

Now, your turn: What has been your experience with your Yellow Zone, and what do you do about it?

Stella Sage has lived in Reno for the great majority of her adult life and spent her childhood in Oregon. She became a mom later in life and has one son and two step daughters that all provide endless opportunities for fun, laughter, frustration, and love. She works as a healthcare provider at a local community health center, which she absolutely adores. She has the best life ever, so don’t be jealous.


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