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Cirque Le Noir: A Jaw Dropping and Highly Entertaining Night Out

cirque castI love being a tourist in my own town. I’ve been wanting to take my kids to see Cirque Le Noir at the Eldorado for weeks now. When the invitation came from the Eldorado for us to go see it, I jumped at the chance.

We started off our night — a night I dubbed “family date night” — at the Circus Circus food court. We grabbed a quick dinner from The Habit Burger Grill (YUM). Before heading over to the Eldorado for the Cirque Le Noir show.

“What is this show about?” My kids enquired. Hard to explain the concept to them. It’s like Cirque du Soleil, but they have no idea what that is, so I simply told them, “It’s a circus that features people.” Ha. In other words, they had no idea of what to expect. (I later learned that the cast represents 15 countries and includes former Olympians and soloists from Cirque du Soleil. This is a truly incredible cast, and we’re extremely lucky to have a show of this caliber in our own town.)

The opening act had a woman hanging on a metal hoop way up high in the air, swinging around and dangling herself from her feet and her neck…  I looked over at my kids and husband, and all three had their jaws wide open. We were gapers for sure.

Each act was completely captivating and had us at the edge of our seats. Like my husband said, “these people have the most fascinating yet odd talents.”

Like balancing guy (that’s just what we dubbed him). He walks out on stage in overalls carrying a metal cylinder…Gets onto this platform on the stage, and a helper keeps bringing out more cylinders…  And he stacks them in the MOST UNSTABLE WAY YOU CAN IMAGINE. Then he puts a metal plate on top and climbs up. He swivels around. He plays with a hula hoop, and just when you thought the dude was going to completely crash and burn, he’d step off and add to the cylinder tower, making it higher and higher…  My entire family was completely spell bound by this unique and slightly odd act. But the kids are STILL talking about him!

balancing guy

Of course, this “Cirque” had a clown. The comedic characters in casino shows usually irritate me. I was totally skeptical of this guy. But he was downright hilarious. He pulled people on stage and got them to do completely ridiculous dances. And then he blew up this balloon with a leaf blower and GOT INSIDE OF IT. And then he started jumping around. I don’t know why, but a grown man inside a balloon hopping around a stage was so darn funny. We all had tears running down our face during that performance, and my son is now asking for a giant balloon that he can get inside for his birthday (sorry, dude, I’m pretty sure you’d suffocate yourself!).

But I think our favorite act was the roller skaters. It was a couple, and they skated out to this platform that was tiny — had to be like 10 feet in diameter. And we’re all wondering…  What the heck can two people do on a tiny rink like that?!

Good golly, the things they could do. They started going in circles, then the guy would pick her up and swing her around with her head so nearly hitting the ground. He’d then swing her up on his shoulders, and the entire time, we’re sitting there again with our jaws gaping wide open, as they just did things on skates that I NEVER IMAGINED WAS POSSIBLE. My daughter has been learning to roller skate recently and thought that making it around the local rink without falling was an accomplishment. I can assure you this act completely blew her mind (and mine too, as someone who had once dreamed of being a professional roller skater when I grew up).

Check this out, people.

skaters 2

And this…

Yes, they're on roller skates.
Yes, they’re on roller skates.

Cirque Le Noir, The Dark Side of Cirque is playing now through August 27. Get details here. I seriously think we may go back to see it again. It is that good!

I do have one insight to offer you Mommas, though. This is a casino show, which means, well, there are some scantily clad women in the show, and the men are often shirtless. This didn’t seem to phase my 8-year-old and 11-year-old, but if you have really young kids or are a conservative type, you might want to consider this as a date night and leave the kiddos at home with a sitter!

Check out this video that features the roller skating couple and excerpts from the show.

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