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Two Bus Accidents In Two Days at One Local Elementary School

There were two bus accidents in two days involving children that attend the same school as my children.


In both incidents, the bus was not at fault.

In both incidents, the bus received a few minor dents and none of the children on board were hurt.


Here’s a picture of the first accident, a situation where the driver of the silver car was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit the bus head-on as it was en route taking children to school.

Image credit: Michelle Simmons of momsvilleusa.com
Image credit: Michelle Simmons of momsvilleusa.com


The force of that accident was enough for the air bag to deploy on the personal vehicle. But the bus? Hardly received a dent. I heard that REMSA came out and checked out all the kids on board, and they were fine. One had a scratch.  Now picture what this accident would have been like if it had been personal vehicle versus personal vehicle. I’m betting that another personal vehicle would have sustained significant damage and injuries.


Image credit: Michelle Simmons of momsvilleusa.com
Image credit: Michelle Simmons of momsvilleusa.com


So let me tell you about bus incident number two in two days. The elementary school choir was on a field trip to Six Flags in Vallejo. There were three bus loads full of children. As the buses were heading on I-80 back to Reno, a Jeep rear-ended one of the buses. I talked to a mom that was on board that bus and the noise was so loud that she thought the bus blew a tire.

Injuries on the bus? None. This was an accident on the freeway. Once again, the accident was not the fault of the bus, and the bus came out the winner in terms of damage and injuries. I was seeing pictures that chaperones were posting on our private parent Facebook group of smiling kids as they waited for CHP to come investigate and file a report.

You know what these incidents make me think about having my kids ride the bus to and from school every day? It reaffirms my opinion that the bus is hands down the SAFEST way for my children to get to and from school.

It reaffirms my belief that in a situation of bus vs. personal vehicle, the bus is going to win most of the time.

It reaffirms that the statistics are right that the bus is the safest way for children to get to school.


In addition to safety, having your children ride the bus (when the bus is an option for your family) is also good for the environment and saves us moms a ton of time. I estimate that the bus saves me 400 minutes of driving per month. That’s 3,600 minutes or 60 hours over the course of the school year.

What mom couldn’t use that kind of time back?!

I wrote a whole blog in defense of the bus. You should go read that, too.

Here is a pic of kids that ride the bus in the pictures above at the bus stop the day after the accident. Bravo — I agree the bus driver deserves a load of thanks!

Image credit: Jessica O'Grady Patterson‎
Image credit: Jessica O’Grady Patterson‎



Thanks to MomsVilleUsa.com for the bus accident pictures!


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