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The RMB Moms Check out Artsy Craftsy

ArtsyCraftsy Image 1My 7-year-old daughter loves art. She’s very good at it and art has always been something that she enjoys. On the other hand, I get hives just thinking about doing anything artistic or creative. I just don’t have it in me. I’m not good at it and the mess that comes with cutting, pasting, coloring, and painting makes me avoid any kind of project like the plague. But, I know that art is important and I know just how much my daughter enjoys it which is why I jumped at the chance to take her to classes at Artsy Craftsy. She attended two classes, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her focus on anything for as long as she sat focused and engaged during the time she spent with Shwetha, owner of the home-based arts program in South Reno.

Joined by another art-loving 7-year-old – son of fellow RMB contributor, Jennifer – the classes that the kids attended had a short lesson and then focused on a project. They created a collage during the first class, and in the second class worked on creating secondary colors from primary colors. Lessons included learning how to properly use a variety of art supplies and tools like scissors, glue, drawing pencils, colored pencils, paint brushes, paint and more.

All in all, we were impressed with the class. Shwetha was patient with the kids, and her gentle manner makes her the perfect teacher. She was knowledgeable and engaging as she explained different techniques to the kids. She not only brought art concepts to life, but she also brought the concepts to their level while working with them to ensure that each piece of art they created was based on their own interpretation of the concept being taught. She offered the kids guidance and suggestions but ultimately allowed them to put their own spin on the projects, which helped make each one special and unique. Both kids have been asking to go back each week which is probably the best testimonial of them all!

With small class sizes of no more than eight students, age-appropriate projects completed with non-toxic products, the class is perfect for young aspiring artists. From watercolor to collage to drawing and mixed media, each month at Artsy Craftsy focuses on a different medium so there is always something new to learn. Students can really relax and focus in the cozy home environment of Artsy Craftsy. In addition to small group classes, Shwetha can also create classes perfect for homeschool groups and/or conduct more focused one-on-one lessons with your child.  Plus, this summer she’ll offer a number of great camps!

To learn more, visit Artsy Craftsy’s Facebook page or email reno.artsycraftsy@gmail.com.

If you still need to create  Mother’s Day present for a grandmother (or heck, for yourself if you want!), Artsy Craftsy will be holding a mixed media workshop for Mother’s Day on May 6th at 11am, which will consist of a simple photo transferring technique on canvas boards.



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