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Potty Training Tips to Keep Your Sanity


I want to shout from the roof tops that my girl is now POTTY TRAINED. Holy crap that feels so good to say! A huge weight has been lifted from us as we near her 3rd birthday.  She’s not fully potty trained for overnight just yet, but more often than not she is getting the point that she can’t pee in her bed.

I was a little intimidated in getting her to be potty trained, even if I have potty trained so many others before her.  Silly, isn’t it, that when it comes to my own child, I was less confident than I was with other children working in daycare? When I snapped out of my ridiculousness of not using what I already KNEW about potty training I finally used my own tips on my kid.

  1. No Rushing.  You will know when your child is ready to potty train. Don’t rush them to potty train. It’s not a race. They will know and they will learn at their own pace. You don’t want them to scare them out of training (which I’ve seen done before). Don’t do that! Make sure that the bathroom and the toilet is a positive experience for them. Show them if you can use the toilet, so can they. This helped me as my girl is constantly curious of what I’m up to. I also opted for a potty seat instead of the small toilet because the frog training seat freaked my girl the f&*k out! However, the normal toilet looking seat worked for us too. Choose a seat that best suits your child.
  2. Consistency is key.  Once they show interest, make sure that you’re consistently allowing them to sit on the toilet even if they don’t do anything. Once they’re ready to actually use the toilet train them to go every 15 minutes and from there progressively allow them to go longer without sitting on the toilet. With us, I used 15-30 minutes intervals to get use to going to the toilet consistently. They will comprehend the urge to use the bathroom soon after this. Keep on this!
  3. Go straight for the undies. I didn’t mess around with pull ups. I’m not a big fan of them in general even when I was training because THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE DIAPERS. Honestly, how are the supposed to know the difference when they have an accident? They won’t because it feels like a diaper. This will be a messy process all around, but it will be worth it.  You will do more laundry and more clean up but when they will catch on quicker than you’ve ever imagined.  I also recommend this tip for all of my parents during training.
  4. Positive Reinforcement.  Choose something that will motivate your little ones to continually go to the bathroom when they have to #1 or #2.  I’ve used a sticker chart and high fives in my classrooms as well as treats such as M&M’s and raisins to motivate. At home, I used 2 M&M’s for #1 and 4 M&M’s for a #2. Haidyn would come out saying “Mama I get 2 candies!!!” right after using the bathroom. Eventually, she forgot about the candy rewards and focused on actually going to the bathroom.
  5. Stay Confident and don’t be scared.  This will be a messy process all around, but it will be worth it.  Keep that in mind when you’re seconds away from losing your sanity every day. You will clean more, you will do more loads of laundry and you probably will step in a little pee on your floor. With that being said, your consistency and support is what they crave the most. If they see you’re confident in them, they will, in turn, be confident in themselves. What could be better than that? Keep in mind that this process isn’t for you — it’s for THEM. You’re only there for support and to assist them.


This too shall pass and you will be happier than ever just like every other parent out there who has successfully potty trained their little ones. Do you have any other tips in training? What worked for you and your little ones? I’d love to hear a great potty training story. I know I have quite a few more to share. These tips worked for me when I was training all of my students back in the day and now on my own very stubborn child. (So I KNOW it really works because no one is as stubborn as my kid, note that this stubbornness was inherited from me)




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