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Some Souvenirs You Don’t Want to Keep…

excel skincareIt seems like part of being a mom is the stretch marks that come with being pregnant. As much as those “warrior marks” are proof of the miracle that you created a new life, many of us would prefer not to live with those souvenirs for the rest of our lives.

You have the marks and want them to fade and lighten right?

That is why we at Excel Skincare created our Premium stretch mark cream, which is an advanced formula that is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain, growth spurts, and bodybuilding. Our cream will greatly enhance the elasticity of the skin, preventing new stretch mark scarring from occurring. Excel uses a wide range of high-performance ingredients composed of peptides, antioxidants, and natural extracts which work synergistically to reduce the appearance of deep stretch mark tissue and discoloration associated with the scarring. Our product does not work for prevention.

Unfortunately, as our life and body is fragile and sensitive, so is our skin as it’s not immune.  Our product line here at Excel Skin Care consists of four products: One cream, two serums, and a gel.  At this time we’re only featuring our Premium stretch mark cream product.

If you don’t have stretch marks  – no problem.  Isn’t it great when a product is good for multi-use?  Our cream also helps to fade scars, including early forming scars from burns or cuts.  However, it’s very important and crucial to not use on an open wound.  Additionally, it can also be used as a regular and routine moisturizer.  As with using any skincare product, be diligent and consistent.

All four of our products are manufactured with the highest quality and carefully chosen ingredients.  The bulk ingredient of our cream is cocoa butter.  But, we cut no corners or saved costs.  Our cream includes the two power and expensive ingredients Matrixyl 3000 and Darutoside from Sederma which is part of the Croda Group of companies.

stretchmark creamBeing a sponsor of Reno Moms Blog, we have decided to run a limited time sale on our product for YOU through our Amazon store.  From today, 3/23/2017 through 3/31/2017. Head over to our Amazon store to claim your product for 40% off.  Enter claim code 40MOM0FF for 40% off.  And, yes since this is a sale, we’re of course throwing in free shipping.  Enter LTISBA5D for free shipping.

This limited sale is only for our Premium stretch mark cream product.  However, Reno Moms Blog readers are always welcomed to receive 30% off their orders even after this sale expires.  Just contact us before you order to obtain a discount code.  (And, that sale is for any product!)

On behalf of us all here at Excel Skin Care, love yourself and please show some love to your skin as well.  We will be back soon again as a sponsor to feature some more of our products!


About Excel Skincare: 

Our Team mission here at Excel-Skin Care is to provide the most scientifically advanced and effective anti-aging ingredients, backed by years of scientific research and clinical trials. Our scientific research and development team has formulated a unique and effective blend of ingredients which begin working immediately to deliver the results you want! Patented peptide ingredients, essential vitamins, and protective antioxidants are incorporated into each product formulation at precise concentrations to achieve true results.  With use of Excel -Skin Care’s effective anti-aging skin rejuvenation line, our goal is to drastically improve the quality of your skin by diminishing the visible signs of aging and to further protect the skin from environmental damages.


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