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Pies for Pi Day

piPi Day. Was that even a thing when we were kids? Pi Day is March 14 – you know, 3/14 – because in math, pi is 3.14. Pretty clever, isn’t it? But we couldn’t just leave it at clever, could we? No, we had to get all over-achieving over here and DO something with Pi Day. My daughters’ school makes a big deal over memorizing the whole number (which is an infinite number, by the way, so have fun with that). I think my eldest has made it to about eight digits: 3.1415926.

And now that Pi Day is a thing, and because I indulged them once in a weak moment, my daughters request pie – actual pie – on Pi Day. We’ve had fun with it in the past, and I’m not such a curmudgeon that I can’t appreciate a math lesson wrapped up flaky dough and gooey fruit filling. So on 3/14, we’ll be whipping up Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and Cherry Pie for dessert. And if my daughters think this is all for them, they might think twice when I’m relaxing with a glass of wine and watching them measure the ingredients and figure out how to double a recipe. Hey, I’m not the one who needs the math lesson here!

Mini pies for Pi Day

If baking isn’t your thing, the Pi Day website (yes, there’s a website for it – I told you, this is a THING!) has lots of great ideas on how to bring pi to life for kids. As for my little ones, they’ll be figuring out fractions and measuring ingredients. They’ll practice their egg wash on the top of the crusts and learn about oven temps and timers. And why not? We don’t have another fun day like this until Star Wars Day (May 4th, as in May the Fourth Be With You). And as winter wraps up and spring rolls in, we’re ALL getting a little antsy for the school year to be over, so we’ll take advantage of silly days and bad puns. Maybe we should create a school-year-countdown paper chain?


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