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Learn About Kidscape Productions Spring Break Camps!

Camp photos_for reno moms blog (4)Spring Break is just around the corner for WCSD students – a two week break thanks to the balanced calendar. And if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to wonder what options you have for at least a portion of that time.

I didn’t have to wonder long. My daughter, an aspiring actress whose career plan is to be famous and rich, informed me that her favorite camp, KidScape Productions, is offering a one-week camp from March 20-24 and that they’ll be putting on a production of Peter Pan.

Her first experience with Kidscape was last summer when she participated in the camp that put on a production of The Wizard of Oz. She was the Flying Monkey King and loved every minute of it. When I asked her why Kidscape is now her favorite camp, she said, “I like Kidscape because it feels professional and because the director has been on Broadway before.”

Kidscape Productions is a professional acting program for ages 3 and up; some of their opportunities include: Improvisation, Scene Study, Performances, On Camera Workshops and Events. Students are learning from a curriculum created at Juilliard in NYC and Yale School of Drama in CT. They offer day programs, in class field trips, summer camps, before and after school classes, as well as assemblies.

The cool thing about Kidscape camps is that they go through the entire process of putting on a theater performance in one week. The kids audition on the first day, get their assigned roles and then spend the week learning lines and preparing the performance, which happens on Friday.

madelynn monkey king
My daughter, the Flying Monkey King

This past summer, the Wizard of Oz camp had 50 kids in the production both backstage and acting roles. As I sat in the audience on the last day of camp, I was highly impressed with the professionalism of the production, and how they inspired SO MANY kids to perform without a hitch.

If your child is more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person, there are spots for backstage, prop building and makeup. There is really something for everyone.

I’m especially excited about the upcoming Peter Pan production because my daughter’s enthusiasm has worn off on my seven-year-old son, who has never been in a stage production, but can totally see himself in the role of a Lost Boy… or an alligator. Know what this means? My two kids will be going to the SAME camp, which is simply awesome for this working mom. Even better? The camp is an ALL DAY camp, with hours from 8:30 – 5:30. Considering all of the camps out there with only half day options, a full day is FREAKING AWESOME for this working mom. Imagine! Two kids at one camp and it’s all day!

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But even better than that, my children are getting an intensive arts education experience that complements their common core work. I don’t have to tell you that there aren’t many options for arts education at the elementary school level – heck, art is only taught once a month by parent volunteers, and that doesn’t include performing arts. That’s why I think it’s super important to provide enriching activities such as this to my children during breaks. Instead of them staying home and watching TV and fighting with each other, they’ll be immersed in a mission to put on the best play possible — one I can’t wait to see.

There are two camps available over Spring Break. The first week, March 20-24, is the Peter Pan production, which will take place at Damonte High School. The second week, March 27-31, is the one-act play camp at Reno High School, where campers will have the opportunity to work on lead roles in small groups as well as design and create al their sets, props, costumes and makeup.

They often put a fun spin on the typical stories, too. Take their winter break Star Wars parody, which they called Star Stars, and a Harry Potter play called Harry Hotter.

KidScape Productions uses research- based improv, role play and theatre techniques to instill important life skills that work on and off the stage.

I talked to a friend whose kids have been to numerous Kidscape camps, and she said her favorite part about Kidscape is the confidence these programs have given her 9-year-old daughter, despite having a slight speech impediment. I talked to her daughters as well. Nine-year-old Elli said she likes how you can have many characters and the camp is so organized and well directed. Her 12-year-old sister, Sadie, said that she really likes the people at Kidscape, who are funny and make you feel like any role you get is very important. “They make sure you get a role that is suitable for your age and level,” Sadie told me, “and they make the play plots more interesting so that kids can do more parts.”

But more importantly, Sadie told me that Kidscape has really helped improve her self-esteem. She said, “They helped me feel important and gain confidence.”

You know what is even more AWESOME? Kidscape loves this Reno Moms Blog community so much that they’re offering up a 10% off coupon just for us! So what are you waiting for? Go reserve your child’s spot in one of their Spring Break camps, and use the coupon code rmb2017 to get your discount.

Learn more about Kidscape Productions with the below video and on their Youtube Channel!

This post is sponsored by Kidscape Productions. 


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