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5 Super-Awesome Reasons to Donate Diapers to Reno Moms in Need

Kendra Cro from CULTURE
Visit Kendra Cro at Culture in Midtown — just one location to make a donation!

If you’re a parent, you’ll remember the day.

No, I’m not talking about the first time your darling baby rolled over — though you may remember that, too. And no, this isn’t referencing first steps, a first tooth or a first adorable utterance of “Mama.”

Though again, all totally rad moments.

What I’m talking about is the day you realized you no longer had to buy diapers.

I know, right? That was the BEST. DAY. EVER!! Suddenly, you received an overnight raise roughly totaling $54,590 weekly.

Give or take.

So why exactly am I asking you to buy diapers again?

One simple reason: There are babies and toddlers living in this community — in OUR community — who don’t have enough diapers. Their parents can’t afford them — which means they go without, or they resort to using plastic shopping bags as an unsanitary substitute.

The Women & Children’s Center of the Sierra is an organization that helps local families meet this basic need. Based on income eligibility requirements, women who attend classes designed to give them the tools to escape poverty can turn to WACCS to secure the diapers they so desperately need.

But as we all know: Diapers aren’t free.

So my employer, the Estipona Group, is spearheading the second annual Diaper Duty diaper drive (also known as #2, cuz you know) to help WACCS collect reserves of diapers to help local moms. Last year, we collected more than 10,000 diapers from you — the generous members of our community. And we’re back to ask for more.

But if you need a gentle arm twisting, here are just five good reasons to donate during our diaper drive:

1.     Because you remember that gut-wrenching feeling of almost running out of diapers. The ONE TIME it happened. We’re talking serious panic. Personally, I remember it well. It was a Sunday, I was exhausted, and I searched the house high and low. The diaper bag, the car, the pantry — nowhere could I find any flippin’ diapers, which left me out of breath and sweaty and scared shitless. Or at least I hoped my baby was shitless. But anyhow: I was able to bundle up the baby, load her in her five-point-harnessed car seat in my fuel-efficient SUV and head to Target, but think about the fact that many of these parents have that feeling constantly — but without resources to make it better. They go to bed scared; they wake up scared. They try to find ways to prolong the time between diaper changes (which often involves keeping babies in soiled diapers, sometimes resulting in severe diaper rash). We can help change this reality.

2.     Because the list of outlets collecting diapers during the diaper drive is like a who’s who of awesome local retailers/organizations. Just think: You can find a hip new outfit, grab a #NotACronut, find a piece of furniture to accent that hard-to-decorate room, learn about the importance of vaccines, buy a house or get an eye appointment — or just say “hey” to some spectacular people — while you drop off your package. Here’s the list, for easy reference:

* Culture Modern Fashion & Accessories, 677 S. Virginia Street

* Downtown Vision, 235 W. Sixth Street, Suite 100

* Home NV Real Estate and I Love Reno Magazine, 321 S. Arlington

* Immunize Nevada, 427 Ridge Street, Suite C

* Not Just Furniture, 500 East Moana Lane Suite A (according to the store’s owner: “Any donation made at the store will get you 20% off your next purchase of $50 or more. See store for more details. Bring diapers!”)

* Rounds Bakery, 294 E Moana Ln. #10

* Sippee’s New & Used Kids Clothes, 955 S. Virginia Street

* The Discovery – Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, 490 S Center Street

3.     Because these diapers are for local families. You may be feeling burned out right now by the social/political/environmental/whatever climate, and maybe you just want to effect change for the better. What better way than to help struggling local families care for innocent children?

4.     Because the Internet makes it easy. Let’s say you’re an Amazon Prime member: Type in “diapers” on the handy-dandy search bar, and you’ll have a buttload (pun intended) of options — many offering a one month supply for as little as $30. Free shipping, send ‘em directly to WACCS, badda bing, badda boom. (BTW, send to Women & Children’s Center of the Sierra/Diaper Duty at 3905 Neil Rd #2, Reno 89502. Please and thank you.)

5.     Because BABIES! I mean, come on: Who can possibly resist?

squishy baby
That’s my baby, when she was all squishy. Awwww…
(And many thanks to Sally Casas from Modern Muse photography for this gem!)

Convinced? Good. Thank you for your help, and please leave a comment below or in response to our post on the Reno Moms Blog Facebook page if you have any questions. Just think, if only a percentage of all 8,600+ fans of the Reno Moms Blog Facebook page donated just one package of diapers? Well, that’s a LOT of happy baby bottoms.



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