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Daddy the Hairstylist


Do you ever have those certain things that you’re just BETTER than your spouse at doing? Okay, let me rephrase that. There are soooo many things we’re better at than our spouses at doing, but we don’t like to gloat because it might hurt their feelings. I’ve come to rue the day that I gloated to my husband.  Not all my gloating days are over, but when it comes to our daughter’s hair I’m shutting up and sitting down.


I’ve been nagging (yup I’ll admit it) my husband to learn how to do our daughter’s hair. Our girl has a TON of hair so it needed to be put up someway just to get it up and out of her face. Some days he’d have to fix it and most days I’d have to do it or just fix his “fix”.  It was to the point that her daycare knew who did her hair that morning since there was a significant difference in her daily hairstyles. I was fed up with nagging with my husband (very hard to believe I know), so I bet him that now that our daughter had longer hair he wouldn’t be able to do learn how to do more with her hair. I bet him that I could even learn how to french braid her hair before he could.


I didn’t think anything of the bet. I don’t even recall the terms of it because I was so sure he’d lose and my girl would go to school looking so sorry. It was his kid too looking like that right? This wasn’t something to control and eventually he’d learn to just put her hair in a ponytail every day. Within a month of me opening my big mouth about the bet. My husband has taken it upon himself to learn how to not only creating the sleekest pony tails/ pigtails he’s taught himself how to braid hair; even French braid.

He’s got me beat in the hair department. Now, teachers at school compliment her hair and I have to fess up to them that I didn’t do her hair.   Not going to lie, at first I was bummed that he learned so quickly. Who the heck does all that learning in a month? Props to all of the dads out there that are learning how to do your daughter’s hair every day. I know I appreciate it more than I let him know. But I’m so proud of him and so excited that our daughter will finally have her hair fixed every day!  If only I could bet him to do everything else I want him to do around the house. 🙂


Side note: I still don’t know how to French braid or how to do half of the braids he knows how to do now.


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Jannine Wells
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