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For The Love Of God, I Need Kids Back in School Full Time

Image credit: Reno Gazette Journal
Image credit: Reno Gazette Journal

Winter break is over.

Kind of.

3 weeks plus one day.

I think in theory this balanced calendar sounds great, but my opinion?


As a working mom, I find that there is a significant void of camps/activities for kids the first two weeks of break. And of course the camp my daughter wanted to go to was a mere three hours.



I know for the stay at home moms and the teachers that can actually spend time with their kids, it can be full of cookie making, crafts and sledding. I’m truly green with envy.

But for me? Work doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stop for breaks, and it doesn’t stop for snow.

I got 2 holidays and 1.5 days of vacation in that stretch of time, which means the remainder of the 12.5 days, the kids were at home, and I was at home working, and we were all going a bit NUTSO.

There was way too much screen time, and stress on me as a mom, as I feel like I’m pulled in two directions constantly.

You know what it looks like when these worlds collide?

My son coming in my home office in his underwear playing the guitar while I’m on a video conference call.


I’m not kidding, y’all.

This time last Friday, I looked like this, thinking that winter break was over, and I had made it through this motherhood challenge.


But NO….. Snowmargeddon. Or should I say snowma-flood-a-geddon.


Then this.


And now here we are, four days into what is supposed to be the first week back, and we’ve had two snow days and two delay days.

This is what I looked like every morning this week as Washoe County School District sent out their messages at 5:45 am.



So I write this in tribute to all the moms out there that are desperate for things to get back to normal here in Reno.

The end must be in sight, right?!



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Lynnette Bellin
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