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FoodMaxx brings new value to Carson City

Carson City has a new value grocery store – FoodMaxx – which happens to be right on my way home, so I jumped at the chance to shop during its Grand Opening and see what deals I could find.

My usual weekly grocery budget is around $200, and this week we were out of EVERYTHING, so I planned to max that budget if not blow it out of the water. I usually shop at Smith’s in Dayton or Wal-Mart in Carson City, but occasionally drive to Reno to shop at Winco when I really need to stock up. This week would have been one of those times, so I was relieved to find most of what I needed at FoodMaxx.

The new FoodMaxx is at Highway 50 and Airport Road, in what used to be a Save-Mart. The new store is laid out like Winco, with produce to your right when you walk in, pet/cleimg_7289aning/household items to the far left, and meat and dairy in the back. The prices are similar to Winco as well, and I’m happy to report that I not only stayed within my budget, but I came in $25 under!

I know that offering organic items is no longer a novelty – thank God! – but it’s even more encouraging when a store promotes its Organic selection like FoodMaxx does with a big sign over the organic produce. I also look for a variety of brands of items, and I found that at FoodMaxx. I didn’t feel like I was limited to an expensive brand and store brand, with no choices in  between.

My family doesn’t eimg_5178at much store-bought meat (see our hunter/gather adventures here), but I still want to save when we do, so I stocked up on the $.99/pound pork butts and $1.99/pound tri-tips! Be sure to look for the “Wall of Value,” a whole aisle dedicated to items with rock-bottom prices, and the sale items marked with “Wow” tags. Pair that with their Ad Match policy, and it’s no surprise that I came in under budget. With Ad Match, they’ll match a local competitor’s ad price AND triple the quantity allowed by the competitor. You know those ads that say “Limit 4”? Yeah, with FoodMaxx’s Ad Match, they’ll give you 12 at the sale price.


But here’s what I’m most excited about.: (Yes, excited. Don’t judge.) Mann’s Nourish Bowls in the produce section. I have never seen these or heard of them, but after checking out the label and finding mostly whole, real ingredients, I stocked up on the Monterey Risotto with butternut squash, kale, and rice in a garlic sauce for my workday lunches. The bowls are around $4, which isn’t cheap, but for a wholesome meal I can take to work with no hassle? That’s worth it to me. Nourish Bowls (I saw three varieties, there may be more) will be a staple on my grocery list, and since I haven’t seen them anywhere else, I’ll be going to FoodMaxx for them.


FoodMaxx has a very limited card/office section and personal care aisle, so you’ll have to go somewhere else if you like a lot of choices when selecting hair dye, shampoo, makeup, or packaging tape (packaging tape was the one thing on my list that FoodMaxx doesn’t carry at all). But don’t drive across town for those items; there’s a CVS right across the street. The wine aisle is pretty small but has great prices, so it’ll do when you just need a bottle (or three) of red to get you through the week. Hard alcohol is on enclosed shelves, undoubtedly to deter shoplifters. This is mildly deterrent to me as well, but it’s WAY better than some other store setups that have alcohol in the front of the store so you have to shop that section after you’ve already checked out.

I signed up to receive coupons, so if those prove to be right in line with what’s on my list, then I may be a newly converted FoodMaxxer. The convenient location is also a big reason I could change my shopping habits, but even if it’s out of your way, it’s worth it when stocking up for those big holiday meals coming up!

It was a rainy day, but still packed with shoppers!


This post was sponsored by FoodMaxx



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