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30 Minute “Butts n’ Guts” At-home Workout

14Hi!  I am Dana Ginsburg, and a Certified Person Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center.  I’ve been racing and training for triathlons at a competitive level for over 20 years.

As a mother of three girls, I know how hard it is to start or keep a regular exercise routine. At one point, my three were under five years old!  With that, I also know how important it is to be very efficient with a small amount of time (squeezing it in when you can). I hope you enjoy this quick, but effective workout!


After a light 3 to 5 minute warm-up (pull knees into chest alternating, jumping jacks or jacks without the jump, stepping side-to-side):

Legs and Booty

Six leg exercises. Perform exercises 30 seconds each without stopping. One round is six minutes. Do this 3 to 4 rounds

Chair squats: Chest “tall”, and weight in your heels.  Sit in chair position feet slightly out so knees do not go past your toes as you stand up.  Stand up entirely, repeat.12


Air Squat: Squat in front of chair butt barely touches chair edge. Raise arms overhead. Stand or jump up quickly drive arms down as you stand or jump up.


 Alternating forward lunge:

Step forward into lunge. Try to get back knee as close to the ground as you can. Drive heel into floor of front foot as you switch legs.



Alternating Reverse lunge:

Step back into lunge trying to get back knee as close to floor as possible. Keeping back flat try to touch the floor

(Can be modified to a shallow lunge or using a chair for assistance).




Left leg Curtsy squat:

Step back to curtsy squat getting knee as close to floor as possible. Drive knee up to balance.

Right curtsy squat: repeat sequence on right side.



Seven exercises. 5 to 10 reps per exercise. Repeat the sequence 2 to 3 rounds. Takes up to 8 minutes.


Three point lift:

On your back, engage core and bring knees up and to tabletop. Interlace hands and place behind head. Squeeze core muscles together, bellybutton into spine. Slightly gaze up at the ceiling. Exhale as you lift just your head (1) then peel up your shoulders (2) and then lift up as high as you can (3). Pause slowly at top then release.  Keep elbows wide.




Hip lift:

On your back, tuck hands under hips.  Engage core and lift hips as high as you can.




Running man:

On your back, and hands behind head, sit up into a bicycle position; opposite elbow in the direction of opposite knee. Release all the way back down to the ground and repeat on other side.



Plank knee taps:

Plank position with hands flat floor. Tap knees up and down. Keep core engaged and hips quiet.


Moving plank:

Plank position move bodyweight forward and back using balls of feet transferring to the toes.



Bird dog Superman:

On belly raise opposite hand and leg. Repeat other side.



Side plank hip dip:

In side plank position, either on double knees or full extension, drop hips down towards floor and then lift hip up toward the ceiling. Repeat reps on opposite side.



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