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Homage for the Holidays

dec7_brownie-2Toward the end of my pregnancy with my son (now three), I heard the words no pregnant woman wants to hear from her doctor: “you may want to start monitoring your weight gain.” Ack! What?! Okay, okay, so maybe I had been indulging in too many of those Raley’s two for one Boston Crème Pies… but still, no one wants to hear that! So what did I do? The only logical thing one does in those situations. I went to Sports Authority and dropped $2K on a state-of-the-art treadmill, and started walking on it every day. I also cut back on those Raley’s desserts and started watching what I ate. The next appointment? I was down nine lbs. (in hindsight, maybe not my smartest idea, but I digress…). And my “reward” for dropping some weight? I high-tailed it across Ralston from OB/GYN Associates to Homage Bakery, where I ordered whatever the hell I wanted – and promptly devoured it in my car.

Doctor’s appointments and Homage became my thing, and even after I had my healthy, beautiful, 7-lb. baby boy, I continued stopping by to see what new morsel of goodness Chef Nicolle Alumbaugh had laid out to enjoy. The woman is a genius at her craft, and has never let me down, which is why I was completely stoked to see her new holiday promotion – 25 Days of Cookies.

From Nov. 30 until Dec. 24, Chef Alumbaugh will be featuring a new cookie daily, and there’s an incentive for repeat trips. Each guest will receive a cookie card that keeps track of their purchases. The person who has explored the most of the 25 cookies will win lunch for four (yes, Homage does lunch, and yes, it’s fantastic). Some of the flavors include dulce de leche alfajores, cranberry shortbread, peppermint brownies, and red velvet white chocolate chip. On Christmas Eve, Chef Alumbaugh brings out the showstopper – freshly baked Gingerbread Men that double as a great stocking stuffer. My daughter has shown a lot of interest in baking, so I think we’ll make Homage a pit stop during the month of December for her to explore different cookie opportunities, and maybe just maybe, for mom to possibly win a free lunch. Yum!



In addition to the 25 Days of Cookies promotion, Homage will also be offering a number of deep dish pies, sure to be a showstopper at any holiday gathering. Varieties include boysenberry merlot cobbler, cranberry cheesecake streusel, and mile high apple, among others. Each is $32 and requires 48 hour notice to ensure availability.

If you’ve never been to Homage, please, please, please stop by. Not only do they have the best savory croissants I’ve ever had (and I lived in Europe for four years!), but Chef Alumbaugh is a genuinely kind person whose passion for her craft shines through in every pastry she touches.
The full listing of available holiday treats may be found at homagereno.com. Happy Holidays!


About Tracie Barnthouse

Tracie Barnthouse
A Midwestern girl who has laid roots in Reno, Tracie Barnthouse is the mother of two {A (4) and E (9 months)}, and wife of one (Token). Publicist by day, her job keeps her busy, and she’s still learning that tightrope walk of work/life balance. Barnthouse moved to Reno in 2012 from Sicily, Italy, where she lived for four years. Prior to that, four years were spent on the island of Guam, but she’s come to realize that home isn’t defined by a speck on a map. From overseas travel tips with infants and toddlers to glimpses of everyday life, she hopes to share stories that help us realize we’re all on this crazy ride called Motherhood together.

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