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5 Ways After-school Activities Benefit Your Child

Jump N Shout Intro To Cheer Program
Jump N Shout Intro To Cheer Program

It’s no real secret that after-school extracurriculars are beneficial to children. But while the after-school care is nice (particularly for parents) and the activities keep children “out of trouble” by diverting their attention and energy to more productive activities, there are even more important ways after-school activities benefit children. Here are our top five:

#5. They foster time management skills. You can have two people with the same talents, same dedication, and same knowledge base, yet one will produce better than the other. Why? Time management skills. This stands true in grade school, in university, and throughout professional careers. There’s always going to be “too much” on your plate; the difference is how you manage it. Extra-curriculars teach children to manage their time starting at an early age, both in how they manage time during that after-school activity and also how they juggle that activity and the corresponding work with their other responsibilities, such as school and homework. The more they have on their plate, the more they learn how to juggle.

#4. They teach children to set—and work toward—goals. By working toward something, individuals push themselves to better achieve; in contrast, if you drift through life, you’ll possibly attain by luck, but likely not rise to the top. After-school activities give children opportunities to explore their own interests and talents and to hone that sense of inner competition and drive. Yes, they may be pushed in school, but by focusing that “push” into something they’re interested in, paired with the smaller peer group atmosphere, after-school activities teach children to set goals—and work to achieve them—in a whole different way.

#3. Physical activity (enough said). Recesses are getting cut like crazy and physical education covers a bare minimum. After-school activities that offer a physical component go a long ways toward better sleep, better grades and happier children as a whole.

#2. Social interaction builds social skills. Yes, your kids are likely around other kids during school hours, but most parents would agree that, in parent/teacher conferences, they sometimes wonder if the teacher is discussing the right child. After-school activities provide an opportunity to gain social skills and meet friends outside of the classroom setting, a skill that will serve them well through life.

#1. Confidence and more confidence. Our number one way after-school activities benefit children is by helping them to build more confidence. As Dr. Robyn Silverman, our very own Child Psychologist specialist and creator of Powerful Words used at our gym put it, “Confidence is built from the inside out, not the other way around.” After-school activities provide the perfect chance for children to push through barriers, try and try again (even when they don’t succeed at first) and build close relationships; all critical to building confidence.

There are so many great ways that children benefit from after-school activities. And while some may prefer chess or art classes to a sport, it’s hard to beat the added benefits of physical activity.

Our heart lies in tumbling, cheer & pole vault, varied activities that support different interests and talents, but all which support each of our five favorite extra-curricular benefits. Throw in the health benefits of balance, endurance, and flexibility and you can see why our programs are such a great option. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect extracurricular, take a moment to check us out at http://join.jnssports.com/. We could give you a hundred reasons our activities are beneficial, but for now we’ll stick with these five.


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