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Ballerina Butterflies

shontell-ballet-2“I want to be. Just. Like. Them,” the little girl in me cries! I am sure I am not alone when I say ballerinas are the ultimate in beautifully mysterious. It’s irrelevant that I am turning 40 in a couple weeks. I WANT to be a ballerina. So I became one. Just like that. Well, as much as I can become one here in Reno with my skill set.

Shine Dance Studio is brand new to downtown Reno, and I am hooked! So is my booty! Holy sore quads! What is happening to my calves right now? Don’t make me laugh—they managed to get to my abs as well. Shine Dance Studio offers classes two nights a week for women who have always wanted to make that little girl dream of being a ballerina come true!

I know what you’re thinking. You have never been a dancer. You have the dance skills of Carlton only worse. And you are probably thinking everyone else in the class will be fine, but we don’t understand what you’re made of. Well, you’re wrong, mamma. Here, in this class, we are all the same. We are all a little nervous, a little vulnerable until something magical happens. Suddenly, you catch yourself smiling so much you can’t stop. At one point, my best friend leaned over and whispered, “All of my dreams are coming true. Right now.” I shook my head in solidarity as we both sported huge grins.

Rachel Sanders, the owner and our instructor, is not only a beautiful dancer (I watched her perform recently in the Nutcracker and Frozen the Ballet) but she is an encourager. A gentle heart that’s so needed while we attempt on repeat to hold our form, engage our core, and “Don’t drop your pennies!” You’ll hear this throughout the night as she reminds you to keep your buns tight. The night was an excellent mix of moderately intense workout, introduction to basic ballet moves, and giggles.


Tuesday night’s class is called Booty Buster Ballet. Wednesday is traditional ballet where you can learn more techniques. Both nights begin at 6:30 and they are each an hour long. Wear comfortable clothes and (if you don’t have ballet shoes) wear socks—yoga socks with those little grippy bottoms are great! Bring water and a mat for floor exercises.

Be brave, friend! Come meet us on Tuesday! I will be up front in my new pink ballet shoes.


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Shontell Brewer
Shontell Brewer is a wife to a handsome fireman, a mother to five pretty rad kids, a writer, and a teacher. Her mission is to work beside parents raising the kids who will one day soon rule our world. She writes about all the parenting nonsense on her blog, Nonsense at its Finest. Follow her on Instagram @ParentingNonsense and on Facebook to keep up to date on her soon coming book publications.

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