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Champion Martial Arts: It’s More Than Just Karate, It’s a Community

Sensei Ryan and Lynnette's son get ready to spar
Sensei Ryan and Lynnette’s son get ready to spar

My son is a high energy kind of guy.

He has also had a long-standing obsession with Lego Ninjago, which then parlayed into him repeatedly asking to do karate.

Karate? I had absolutely no experience with this sport, so we went to a few studios for sample sessions and ended up signing up with Champion Martial Arts in South Reno at Wedge and Mt. Rose Highway.

Turns out that karate has been an excellent outlet for my son’s energy, but it has also helped him to understand self-discipline, respect, and to learn how to avoid conflict. It has also taught him to be goal oriented, as he is very focused on how he can move up to the next belt, and knows he needs to put in the work to get there.

What I didn’t realize when we signed up with Champion Martial Arts almost a year ago is that it’s not just signing up for karate, you’re joining a Community. Older students help teach classes with younger students, and it’s all mixed gender, so the younger kids interact with role models of both genders. They have regular events to bring all of the students together, from parent’s night out to days on the beach at Lake Tahoe, and movie nights.

Champion Martial Arts also offers full day camps during school breaks, where his team gets super creative with obstacle courses, zip lining across the dojo, and Nerf gun or light saber wars. All the students gather in the gym of Galena High School quarterly for a belt graduation ceremonies everyone from a white belt to a black belt gets the chance to demonstrate their skills.

Champion Martial Arts also encourages their students to get involved in doing kind deeds, like their recent drive to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, where the student that raised the most funds got a private lesson with Sensei Ryan and a real Ninja Sword. (My son still covets that sword even though he didn’t win.)

As a mother of two kids that are in after school activities, it felt daunting to sign up for a year-round activity that meets at least twice a week, but I’ve found that there are enough class options for us to flex around our busy schedules, and we’ve easily been able to incorporate karate with our seasonal sports such as soccer and skiing. I find that after an hour of running around and kicking and karate chopping at the dojo, my son is much more prepared to sit down and do homework afterwards.

Plus, the dojo just moved to a bigger facility that happens to be in the same shopping center as a gym, which I promptly joined so I could get in my workouts while my son is at karate – win, win!

Interested at all in having your child try it out? Click here to get a coupon for a free class, and take advantage of their Fall special, where you can get a month of group classes, one private lesson and an official uniform for just $49!

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