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Go Ahead Buy a Bigger Size

jannineLately, I’ve feeling pretty bad about myself and the clothes I was wearing. All of our family pictures showcased heavier me which made me get down on myself. I felt ugly, hideous even that I didn’t look like I use to. You couldn’t catch me even wearing shorts like I use to before having a baby because I was downright embarrassed. Then I thought to myself what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I now hating myself and my new mom body? I was sick of having to constantly pull down my shirt and cover myself up. On top of making ass get up and work out and eat better I did one better.

I bought new clothes, in a bigger size. Yup, I went there.

I started to notice that all of my old clothes that I was feeling so awful in were pre-baby clothes. I couldn’t fit pre-baby jeans, shirts, skirts and etc. Why was I trying to squeeze myself into something I knew I wasn’t going to fit? Now, I know what you’re thinking. If you buy a bigger size you will just continue to fill up those shirts, so I shouldn’t buy a bigger size. You shouldn’t be miserable in your everyday clothes. Buy a bigger size so that you love the clothes you’re wearing. Buy a bigger size so that you feel good and beautiful!

I no longer feel bad wearing shorts that are MY size or a shirt that is MY size. Bigger shouldn’t always be a negative connotation to us women. My clothes fit. For the first time in a long time, I bought clothes that I fit in and my entire world changed. I feel good when I walk out the door in my new clothes that actually fit the new me. I’m confident enough that when I look in the mirror I say, “Damn girl” more often than I say, “Damn it!” Most importantly, I can show my daughter that you should always love your body and not bash on it because it doesn’t fit the mold I think it should.

There is so much pressure out there to snap back into pre-baby shape instantly after having kids, but that’s not realistic. Life happens. We shouldn’t be our biggest critic and look down on ourselves when we are trying so hard to keep it all together. We will get to our goal weight, size, whatever it may be in due time, but for now, let’s learn to love ourselves and our bodies first and foremost. We should build our own self-confidence and show our children and fellow moms just that.


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Jannine Wells
Jannine Wells is a Navy brat traveling the world and moving every 4 years until finally settling in Nevada. She was raised in Fernley Nevada and moved to Reno in 2010 to finish her degree at TMCC. She has a background in childhood education and is an advocate for children’s education and development. Jannine is married to her high school sweetheart and is raising a beautiful one year old daughter, Haidyn, and kitty daughter, Sassafras. She is a paper pusher by day, blogger and amateur chef by night passionate about learning how to become a better mother.  Jannine started her blog Sunny In Reno to write about her pregnancy and journey through motherhood.   View all posts by Jannine.

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