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Challenge Island After School and Break Camps

Image credit: Challenge-Island Reno-Sparks
Image credit: Challenge-Island Reno-Sparks

It’s hard to imagine putting your child in an after school program or school break camp that doesn’t enrich their life.

We are busy moms and the precious time gained by enrolling our kids in these programs should be worth every penny. Challenge Island Reno-Sparks is a perfect addition to any busy mom’s schedule. Not only do moms get extra time to finish their errands or finish the work day, but they get the peace of mind that their kids are loving every minute.

Every single lesson awakens kids’ imaginations and reinforces their confidence. Moms don’t have to worry about their kids missing out on experiments and challenges because schools are focusing more on testing. Challenge Island Reno-Sparks provides kids with these opportunities to participate in project and problem based learning.

The themed after school islands and themed camps allow their children the freedom they crave to collaborate and create. This program is all about design, construction, and making something work. Kids grow from the satisfaction that comes from being completely in charge and involved in the creation of something original.

We have after school programs at many of area WCSD elementary schools, and are also featuring a Fall Break camp at Wooster High School.

challenge-island-logoSmart Reno moms can enroll their kids today at www.challenge-island.com.


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