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Mom’s Day Out at Dolce Vita Wellness Spa

Lauren, Bethany, Lynnette, Meagan and spa owner Nyla
Lauren, Bethany, Lynnette, Meagan and spa owner Nyla

Four of us ladies from Reno Moms Blog recently had an afternoon spa getaway at Dolce Vita Wellness Spa in South Reno (on Wedge near Mt. Rose Highway). If you haven’t heard of this local day spa, this post will tell you why you need to give it a try. Dolce Vita has redefined the spa experience, where they include “all the little extras” that many other places charge for. That includes hot stone therapy in every massage, your choice of aromatherapy and/or their luxurious body butter,warm steamy towels, neck pillows and therapeutic hot packs, as well as complimentary sparkling wine or Italian soda, organic teas and infused spa waters.

We even spent a bit of time with the owner, Nyla, who is joining Reno Moms Blog as our newest contributor (read her bio here)! Check out what the ladies of Reno Moms Blog had to say about their experience at Dolce Vita Wellness Spa!

meagan sabichMeagan Sabich: I loved my afternoon at Dolce Vita Wellness Spa. At a spa, aesthetics matter and this spa is just gorgeous. The waiting area was so beautifully decorated, I wished it was a room in my home. The spa is just so thoughtfully decorated. There wasn’t a room in there I didn’t love. The whole experience was very sensory. From the decor, to the wonderful massage with essential oils, to the lovely calming music, and finally with the delicious chocolate and bellini’s I indulged on at the end during a foot soak. The massage I received was truly one of the best I have ever had. Danielle is absolutely amazing. She is very well trained and really helped work out the tension in my shoulders and neck. The spa is located on the complete opposite side of town than I am, but I will absolutely be making the drive to have another massage with Danielle and to enjoy the wonderful ambiance at Dolce Vita Wellness Spa.

bethany-drysdale-thumbBethany Drysdale: Spa visits are a treat for me, so I want them to be ah-mazing! And this one was that and more. I opted for a facial, and when my therapist, Michelle, asked me what I wanted out of it, I didn’t know what to say. But she was a true pro and told me what she saw with my skin and what she would recommend. I ended up getting the most amazing (ah-mazing!) acne treatment (Yes, I escaped that misery in high school only to get it every 30 days as an adult. Lovely.) and even had time for a facial massage too. I want my spa therapists to be pros. I want them to be able to read my skin and make educated recommendations for me. Michelle knows skin, knows her products, and knows the meaning of THERAPY in spa therapy. I am sure Dolce Vita will become my go-to indulgence when I need some serious me-time. The decor and atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting, and the pricing is fantastic (approx. $95 for an hour facial, but seriously look into the membership, which gets you one massage or facial each month for only $75/month). And for us Carson City moms, the location couldn’t be better. It’s on the far south end of Reno off Mt. Rose Highway, and it took me no more than 20 minutes from Carson. Every time I get a massage or facial, I tell myself that I NEED more of this in my life. Now that I know about Dolce Vita and can actually afford their services, I think I WILL get more of this in my life.

lauren bradfieldLauren Bradfield: Oh, how to begin my afternoon of sheer bliss at at Dolce Vita?! Well, first, it’s zen-like colors and essential oil smells leave you slipping into an immediately calm state upon entering the spa. This is a place where you can pop your stress outside and walk in straighter and lighter. The ladies at the front desk great you with a smile and usher you into a locker to change into a wonderfully soft robe. Then you head to the “Relaxation Room” which was my favorite room in the whole spa! The decor was gorgeous, with beautiful chandeliers and drapery. Here you wait on comfy couches while scents of lavender and vanilla float in the air around you. You’re waiting for your masseuse (my happened to be a sports medicine and soccer coach named Brian) while you partake in some heat therapy with warmed neck pillows. Once Brian called my name, the next hour was a bit of a blur, mainly because I was in such a state of zen I wasn’t paying attention to much. I was a little hesitant at first with a male masseuse (I’ve only had full-body massages by females) but I quickly realized Brian was the epitome of professionalism and my concern evaporated along with my tension and knots. He especially focused on my problem ares (for me my hips) and I felt fantastic when the hour was done. After my massage, it was back to the Relaxation Room, where I was greeted with a foot soak, Bavarian chocolate, grapes, and a peach Belini. Let me tell you, I didn’t want to leave, and I truly think the amazing staff at Dolce Vita would have allowed me to stay for hours had I finally accepted that I needed to head home. From what I learned, Dolce Vita has four rooms, all different themes (I was in the Asian, but there is all Tahoe (larger for couples), Rainforest, and Tuscan Wineroom). They also have monthly membership where you can for $75 a month get either a 60 minute massage or facial. In the end, I cannot say enough positive things about Dolce Vita. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it isn’t crowded with endless tourists and is truly grateful for your business. It is the perfect local spa. Spend a few hours at Dolce Vita. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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