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Taking Him for Granted


How many of you ladies out there have taken the time to look at your husband? Have you taken a look at little details in his face, hands, hair? Do we take the time to really and truly appreciate him as we know we should? So many of us, want them to notice us from what we wear to how we present ourselves but can we honestly say we do the same for them?

  After celebrating my 4th year of marriage with my husband (and almost 11 years of being together) we reflected on how our lives have changed. More often than not our “date nights” are us going out to eat with the entire family and our “spontaneous getaways” are geared towards kid friendly places. We don’t mind the change in our life and honestly we were happy our life changed. However, due to our hectic almost opposite work schedules, keeping up with the puppy and our toddler we don’t have much time for each other. But in the midst of falling into our routine of our family I forgot to step back and actually enjoyed looking (more like gawking at) at my husband.

I stopped to look at him was when I was getting our daughter situated in her car seat while he put the groceries away in the trunk.  I couldn’t believe that I was married to this wonderful man. He no longer looked like the man I married, but I loved him so much more now.  I gazed at his beard showing his age and how long we’ve been together. I noticed his bigger build as opposed to when I met him as a teenager – I’ve been feeding him more.   I couldn’t help but stare at his stern eyes and analyze that they’d developed over time as he became the head of our family. My eyes then gravitated to his callused hands noticing how rough they looked from working so hard at work and at home for us.

At that moment, I never realized how much I really loved my husband and how much of it was showing on him physically. I never realized how our marriage and being a father changed him physically. I’ve taken for granted the time that’s passed us and of me not seeing and appreciating the little details of our life and how they contributed to the man, father and husband he is today. I’m lucky to have him in my life  then and now.



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Jannine Wells
Jannine Wells is a Navy brat traveling the world and moving every 4 years until finally settling in Nevada. She was raised in Fernley Nevada and moved to Reno in 2010 to finish her degree at TMCC. She has a background in childhood education and is an advocate for children’s education and development. Jannine is married to her high school sweetheart and is raising a beautiful one year old daughter, Haidyn, and kitty daughter, Sassafras. She is a paper pusher by day, blogger and amateur chef by night passionate about learning how to become a better mother.  Jannine started her blog Sunny In Reno to write about her pregnancy and journey through motherhood.   View all posts by Jannine.

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