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How to Enjoy a Baseball Game with a Toddler


My husband and I recently braved taking our 2 year old to a Giants game. I don’t know what came over me in deciding this, but I did it anyways. Mind you, when we took her to an Aces game at 1 ½ she did okay, but not great. This time, I was hoping that it would be different, and to my surprise it actually was. I don’t know what it was about the game that made her like it more but she loved being in San Francisco enjoying the game, the food and all of the dancing she got to experience. Thankfully, I can write about my mini success at a baseball game! So for all of you this summer with babies that are heading over to the ball park here are some tips on a successful baby/toddler baseball trip.

  1. Electronic Devices/ Toys – I’m pro-electronics at games because this is the only time she’s actually sitting in front of my phone/iPad. My phone and iPad are now filled with everything to entertain her. One movie got me through a lot of the game! She sat still for most of it since she was so busy playing her Fisher Price games and watching Frozen. (The only time I’m thankful for Frozen). You can also just bring toys to bring into the game. IMG_2201
  2. Make it Comfy – I brought blankets and sweatshirts and hats just so that she was as comfortable as possible. She felt like she was back at home and not at a game.
  3. Snacks Galore! Anything she loves to snack on and drink, I made sure to bring. Over packing here is not an issue. We ate dinner before the game, but I know out of boredom she will eat (ahem just like her Mama) but this will keep her occupied as well. I also sprung for some $7.00 cotton candy just for her. She was happy to say the least.
  4. Go to a night game. You wouldn’t think it would help, but it does. Her bedtime is at 8:00 pm, so going to a 7:00 pm game was perfect for us. She used this time to wind down from our busy and relax. She was falling asleep before we knew it!

IMG_2207I don’t think I would be able to take her to a day game especially a Giants one until she’s a little older, but I’m happy that she took one for the team! Have any of you braved taking your little one to a baseball game? What did you do differently/or the same?


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