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Reno Art Bar: Save a Horse, Paint a Cowboy

After we painted the cowboy (notice where his hat is!).
After we painted the cowboy (notice where his hat is!).

On the third birthday of our website, five of the writers for Reno Moms Blog got together to celebrate in a rather…  unconventional way.  We went to the Reno Art Bar for their first painting of a live model. In honor of the Reno Rodeo also being this month, they themed it COWBOY, and we got to paint a shirtless cowboy named Dalton.

(You’ve heard of the song “Save a horse, ride a cowboy“, right? This event was a fun twist on that idea…)

When we first got to the Reno Art Bar, we stood outside and a few people were a bit nervous about painting a live model. Another had “moral reservations” about “objectifying such a sweet, young man.”

But I say that men have not had issues objectifying women for centuries, and hey, the night was more about hanging out with girlfriends doing a fun activity that just HAPPENED to have a little eye candy. (Let’s not talk about how some of us were old enough to be Dalton’s mother, ahem.)

The evening was a blast. What you may not know about Reno Art Bar is that it’s not your typical cookie cutter paint and sip. They have a variety of projects you can choose from, from garden art to 3D nail, wire and string, rustic pallet wood art, in addition to the typical acrylic on canvas. They’ve also taken the whole “paint your pet” idea to a whole new level, with “Pop Art Your Pet”. Check out their calendar and projects here.  These are some samples of projects you can create at Reno Art Bar.

Reno Art Bar also has Kids & Family classes, as well as a unique camp called Horses and H’Art, where they combine Equine Activities with amazing art for a 1/2 day summer camp. Even better, while your kids are at the Horses and H’Art camp, there is a class at Reno Art Bar for the parents to do while the kids play with the horses. Get the details here.

But back to our half naked cowboy… We ordered food and wine from Napa Sonoma, which is right next door in the Plumgate Shopping Center, and set to the hard work of painting a shirtless cowboy. After a few glasses of wine, we were definitely over any of those “moral issues”, and totally enjoying interacting with and painting handsome Dalton in a Pop Art style. We laughed out loud at some of the things that were said as we painted, such as “those nipples look like eyes that follow you wherever you move,” and “now it’s time to paint the happy trail,” to “it’s now time to ac-sex-uate the pecs, wait, did I just say that?!”

We ended up with some pretty awesome and hilarious paintings, after sharing a lot of laughs and girl bonding. We’re not sure our hubbies will let us hang this art in our homes, but maybe the paintings can have a place in our garages or laundry rooms! One mom planned to gift her masterpiece to a gay co-worker, who was very intrigued by this activity of ours!

It’s so important to spend time away from kids with your girlfriends. We’re thankful for Reno Art Bar for giving this opportunity! We highly recommend Reno Art Bar for your next night out!

(P.S. Reno Art Bar said they might be making this whole painting a live model thing a regular occurrence. There was a mention of painting a fireman next…)

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