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Fighting Cancer with The Power Of Nutrition

sarah herndon yevo transformationWhen I was 27-years-old, I was diagnosed with stage IV, inflammatory breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. I did 4-months of hard-core-lose-your-hair-throw-up-feel-like-crap chemo. I had a double mastectomy followed by 6-weeks of radiation. I have two little girls who were ages 2 and 4 at the time of my diagnosis and an amazing fiancé and family backing me the whole way. Two-months after I completed the radiation, I found out that my cancer had spread. I had another 4-weeks of radiation therapy. I had to take steroids which made me gain about 40 pounds. So there I was- bald, fat and sad with a poor prognosis. My world had been turned upside-down. My body was weak and fatigued. I was nearly bedridden. That second round of radiation kicked my butt.

Today I would like to share my road to recovery with proper nutrition. Why? My doctors NEVER talked to me about nutrition. I have been blessed with amazing team of doctors here in Reno. The downfall is that they are all so busy that I don’t think they have time to talk about nutrition with their patients.

We live in a society with a broken food system. We medicate with drugs and we put Band-Aids on our ailments but we never solve the underlying issues. I believe that healthy living starts with nutrition. I cook for my fiancé and children daily, and I know how hard it is to eat “clean” and meal prep every day. For me, dieting is very challenging and the 40 pounds of excess weight that I had gained seemed impossible to lose. After my second round of radiation, I decided that I had to do something about my weight and overall wellness. I knew that I had to eat better.

Yevo OatmealI started making a green smoothie every day in my Nutribullet and eating salads for lunch. Throughout the day I frequently raided my pantry searching for snacks because my “all green everything” diet just wasn’t filling me up. I was hungry. I wasn’t getting the protein and nutrients that my body needed to repair itself. I needed better food.

A few weeks after I had implemented my “green+ pantry raid diet”, I saw my friend Greg. He told me about a local company called Yevo. He told me that Yevo was a high nutrient food system meaning all of their foods have ALL 43 essential nutrients plus 30-grams of high quality protein and the amino acids that our bodies need to grow, live and heal. The only way that you can absorb these nutrients is through your food. Research directly links our diets to chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and dementia.

Yevo SmoothisI tried Yevo and ended up loving the foods. After eating them for a few weeks I had phenomenal success. I felt great! I started losing weight! I wasn’t hungry all the time! I wasn’t raiding my pantry! I figured out how to control my cravings and eventually eliminate them by giving my body all of the nutrients it so desperately desired. I no longer feel like a sickly cancer patient; I feel like a strong, 30-year-old, empowered mama who had kicked cancer’s butt. Yevo has been life-changing for me and I’m on a mission to share my success with others.

Yevo is healthy, easy and affordable. It’s sustainable and non-GMO.  If you can “add water and stir”, you can prepare Yevo. When you eat your nutrients, your body easily absorbs them. Your stomach lining will repair itself and enter a satiety state where cravings are eliminated and you don’t feel hungry all the time. In three months I lost those 40 pounds. The weight loss is sustainable and I have easily kept it off since before Christmas. I drink a Yevo smoothie and eat Yevo oatmeal or granola every day. I cook dinner almost every night. I feel full and my body is happy.  I am feeding it 100% of the nutrients that it needs for my recovery EVERY DAY. I feel AMAZING and people can tell that I’m doing well. If you want to change your life by giving your body 100% of the nutrients that it needs to grow, live and heal, I will be happy to guide you on your Yevo journey — simply click here to learn more and click on the contact button at the top of that site to reach me.

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Here’s to healthy living,


For more information, watch this video about the Yevolution.

sarah h smallSarah Herndon is a mother to two girls, Hannah, age 7 and Holly, age 4 an a soon-to-be wife. She was born and raised in Reno and attended UNR. She loves skiing, snowboarding and Lake Tahoe. Sarah is a cancer survivor and advocate for healthy nutrition especially for those with chronic illness.


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