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5 Things they don’t tell you when you adopt a puppy and have a toddler


We adopted our beautiful pit bull baby, Rory, a couple months back. We welcome her with unbiased arms even if everyone told me it would be a lot of work and believed I was insane trying to raise a puppy and a toddler together. Here are the five things they don’t tell you about having a puppy and a toddler:

  1. Say Good-Bye to Timing. If things usually took you two times as long (i.e. Getting ready in the morning and out the door…), it’s now going to take you four times as long to get out of the door. “Rushing out the door” means that I now that I now have to prepare for hours before we can leave. This is not a joke. Quickly putting the dishes away is no longer a thing because Rory needs to be involved in this process and if she is involved then so is Haidyn.
  2. Clean up is a disaster. You will not have a clean anything after your puppy and toddler have wreaked havoc in your home. Our toddler is known as Hurricane Haidyn, so her and the puppy combined create a typhoon. Damn them! I also no longer have a pair of shoes that doesn’t have bite marks on them. Toys are everywhere. If you fold clothes, they are everywhere because they want to play tug of war with them and undo all of your hard work. Trash is also fair game when they can reach it. Don’t even get me started at how many times I have to wash my hands because all I do is clean up s@#t!
  3. They conspire with one another. I’m convinced they scheme behind my back when I least expect it. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they both MUST do it together. They will create a mess together, eat together and all-in-all try to piss me off together. Most days I have to ask my husband, “Why did you allow me to get a puppy?!?!?!?”
  4. Feeding time becomes survival of the fittest. Haidyn and Rory constantly try to share food (human food). It becomes a fight when one wants the snack more than the other. Tears are shed more often than not during feeding time. Rory also loves to eat anything Haidyn drops on the floor during meal times and by “drop” I mean what she gives Rory because she doesn’t want to eat it. This also involves crying because we have to remind Haidyn that she has to eat her food instead of giving it to Rory.
  5. Their bond with each other is unmatched. I always figured that this would happen (and it’s the reason why we adopted Rory to begin with), but seeing it first hand is amazing. They are very protective of one another. Their bond is genuine and it’ll melt your heart just watching them share those moments together. It’s rare that they will show this side, but it does happen. This is the one of the biggest reasons why we love having both of them grow together.

Now that we’re months in to this situation, it’s not so bad. Let me rephrase that. Every day is a challenge, but a good challenge at that. I wouldn’t give up my crazy two for anything in the world. They give me something to look forward to every single day. I’m glad our girls are keeping me grounded and busy.


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Jannine Wells
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