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Viva Les Crepes! Reno’s Crepe Renaissance

In the mid 1970s, my parents got an Oster mixer and blender in Harvest Gold. The pair came with an Oster recipe book with its very stylish pink, orange and yellow cover. That book was my father’s breakfast bible for close to 10 years, over time being held together by rubber bands.

For some reason, there was a large section on pancakes in this tome, and Dad was determined to make each one on his weekend breakfast patrol. We had Swedish pancakes, Dutch pancakes, pancakes cooked with sausage in them; you get the idea. The family favorite was, by far, crepes. These thin, delicate lovelies were rolled, filled with boysenberry, strawberry or peach jam and topped with syrup or powdered sugar. Those were great mornings.

I will admit, I like food wrapped in food: ravioli, tacos, burritos, pierogies, sushi, eggrolls, dim sum, apple pie, and well, pie of any kind. So, it is no surprise that I would love crepes, as well. That is why it is so exciting to see a crepe renaissance in Reno right now.

One of the first places I went to in Reno when I started dating my now-husband was Deux Gros Nez (remember them?). They made these huge crepes filled with a warm berry filling. For years I have missed those, but today there so many delicious crepe options in town.

Crème Café

Creme Cafe's cream and fruit crepes are perfect for brunch on the patio. Photo courtesy of Creme Cafe.
Creme Cafe’s cream and fruit crepes are perfect for brunch on the patio. Photo courtesy of Creme Cafe.

Opened in early 2011, Creme Cafe in Midtown Reno has breakfast and lunch options, from a simple crepe with lemon and powdered sugar, to ones filled with eggs, ham, cheese and veggies or bacon, spinach and cheese. My favorite is the caramel apple crepe with sautéed apples in caramel sauce. I’ve also heard they make some of the best breakfast tacos in town and homemade English muffins. Crème is perfect for a mom’s day out, and the patio during the spring and summer would be perfect for the kids.

Le Crepe Café

Le Crepe Cafe's Pesto Pesto on the crepe griddle. Photo courtesy of Le Crepe Cafe.
Le Crepe Cafe’s Pesto Pesto on the crepe griddle. Photo courtesy of Le Crepe Cafe.

Le Crepe Café has a location in Meadowood Mall. The list of sweet and savory crepes is long; I counted more than 30 that day. These people are serious about Nutella, offering five different Nutella crepe varieties alone. On the afternoon we visited, I had the Pesto Pesto with housemade pesto, mozzarella cheese, shredded chicken and tomatoes. The pesto was amazing, so much so my husband kept stealing bites. The kid-friendly menu also features panini, salads, sandwiches, coffee and drinks.


Coffebar's many, many treats. Photo courtesy of Coffeebar.
Coffeebar’s many, many treats. Photo courtesy of Coffeebar.

The Coffeebar on Mount Rose Street is way too close to my house, and it is becoming a required weekend destination before we start in on the list of errands and chores, or possibly for an afternoon treat. They serve handcrafted coffees that are amazing and have a full tea list. What is great is their extensive food menu, featuring locally sourced organic produce. The bakery case is full of scones, croissants, cookies, muffins, sandwiches and calzones, to name a few.

Coffeebar's Garden Crepe. Image courtesy of Coffeebar.
Coffeebar’s Garden Crepe. Image courtesy of Coffeebar.

They also have fresh salads and panini, all in addition to their crepes. Crepes filled with eggs, cheese and spinach, or fresh fruit and whipped cream, or seasonal delights. Maybe Nutella and bananas and a luscious latte would hit the spot. My favorite is the Crepe Lampone, a simple crepe spread with raspberry jam and a little powdered sugar. It reminds me of Dad’s crepes, and those weekend mornings.

What is your favorite breakfast spot in Reno or homemade dish?

This post was originally published in February 2014 and was updated and re-posted in May 2016.


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