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REMSA Offers Classes on the Fundamentals of Baby Sitting, CPR and First Aid

remsa1Do you have a tween or teen that is interested in babysitting? Before turning them to the proverbial wolves, make sure they have some training under their belt so that they can approach this new responsibility with poise and confidence. REMSA offers a class for future babysitters on the fundamentals of baby sitting, CPR and first aid, and today we’re featuring a blog written by a recent class attendee. We’re excited to have our first submission from a 12 year old!

Hello I am a twelve year old girl and I have just completed a first aid and CPR class with REMSA. First off, I have to just say, Wow, did I learn a lot! it was such an amazing experience. Learning how to save a person’s life is still unbelievable.

I learned so much in the eight hours that I was there. First, we covered the basics of first aid. Then we did our CPR training. In first aid, I learned it’s not just put a band aid on the cut, we also learned to apply pressure, then add more gauze. Apply more pressure. Repeat until the cut stops bleeding. Then wrap. Now that, was more than add a band aid!

We learned how to ask if a person was hurt. My personal partner was a guy and he and I had to check for fake medical jewelry. Then we had to learn how to use an Epi Pen. We applied (put in) an Epi Pen to our partners (don’t worry, the Epi Pen had its needle removed). We learned about human and animal bites and what to do if a child in your care gets heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

I have to admit most of what I learned I didn’t even know existed. Like I did not know about shaken baby syndrome. Or sudden baby death. That was very informational. We learned how to prevent all these, with anatomically correct dummies. We learned child, adult, and infant CPR using the dummies too. I was so amazed how we learned all the steps and got to try it out. We even learned how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)! That was particularly special to me. I even got an extra asthma certification! But I have to call out one thing, though, there was only one boy.  Child care should not be for girls only.

REMSA Babysitting ClassI took this class because I want to go into babysitting. After I learned all of those techniques I am sure I could get a job. I even got to keep a first aid and CPR hand book I learned with, and I was given a plastic strip to breathe through when giving CPR to take home and put in my first aid kit.

I was also asked to be interviewed with the news! Here is a bit of what my teacher said to the reporter: “Bridgette Cenac, a REMSA public education instructor, says the class has taught more than 1,000 students the essentials of babysitting including pediatric first aid, CPR and other child care techniques. The whole article can be accessed here.

I personally want to thank Bridgette Cenac for teaching me and my mother for supporting me. I want to thank all those amazing kids I went to class with. I really want give REMSA a round of applause for giving me this opportunity. I’m so excited to start babysitting!

Here is the 2016 schedule for this class:



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