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Pool Party to Celebrate UNR Women’s Swimming and Diving and a New Swim Academy

Bridgewater Swim Academy 2Hello northern Nevada friends and families. My name is Holly Sprague and I am the owner of Bridgewater Swim Academy. Since childhood, swimming and water sports have been at the center of my life. My passion and dedication for swimming earned me the opportunity to swim for the University of Oregon as a Division-1, Pac-12 competitor.

With more than ten years of swim instruction experience, I am the owner of Bridgewater Swim Academy, a swim school in Reno, Nevada, where we offer high-quality, customized swim instruction. I opened and owned a swim school in the Bay Area so I am very familiar with how to operate a successful swim academy.

I have competed in many Olympic distance triathlons and to date I have run two marathons, including the Boston Marathon. As a devoted athlete and physical fitness enthusiast, I am also the proud mother of three children.

UNR Women's Swimming and Diving
UNR Women’s Swimming and Diving

I am honored that the UNR swim team has given me the opportunity to be a part of their team in many different ways. We have hosted dinners for them and my husband and I attend all of the local swim meets. We are embracing them and they are embracing us. Coach Harper has been a conduit in allowing us to support their overall success. As a women’s collegiate athlete I am passionate and determined to bring awareness and share the passion that I have with others in the realm of swimming.

These women just clinched the Mountain West Division Championship and I believe that they should be celebrated.

Women’s swimming teams are typically underfunded and it is my mission to bring more resources to these amazing programs and their athletes. It is my vision, goal and quest to bring attention to women’s swimming. Swimming is near and dear to my heart and I love sharing it with the community.

When I was in college at the University of Oregon, part of the swim team’s responsibilities included cleaning our football stadium after the games and selling football programs in order to raise money for the swim team. These were some of the best and most fun memories of my life and it has given me the passion that I have today to get these ladies the funding their program needs.

Bridgewater Swim AcademyThis event is our first opportunity to bring awareness to our community. I invite you to join us at our new state of the art facility which offers a 20-yard pool with warm water temperature. We have found that our students learn best when they are comfortable, therefore, our pool is heated year round to keep our clients warm and engaged. We also offer family changing rooms with showers where parents can quickly and easily assist their children with changing into or out of their swimsuits.

I welcome families and friends from throughout the community to join us on Saturday, April 23rd. You are invited to come celebrate with us and enjoy a complementary open swim. We will have refreshments, autographs and a silent auction to benefit the women. Get event details here.

About Bridgewater Swim AcademyWe focus on one-on-one instruction, which is the most effective style of instruction. While students are allowed to develop at their own pace, we place emphasis on quickly mastering safety skills and excellent swimming techniques. By encouraging our students to attend multiple lessons each week, they are able to practice, reinforce, and retain their skills and advance at a faster rate. Come see for yourself why BSA is the premier swim academy in Reno!

Holly Sprague, Owner of Bridgewater Swim Academy
Holly Sprague, Owner of Bridgewater Swim Academy

I look forward to seeing you all there. Should you have any questions prior to the event or if you are interested in sponsorship you can call me, Holly Sprague at 650-740-3003 or holly@bridgewaterswimacademy.com.


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