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Mommy’s Sick Days

Mommy's Sick DaysMoms don’t get sick days. It’s an expression I’ve heard over and over again.

But it’s just not true, at least not for me. Recently, I got my sick days. I thought I had miraculously managed to escape the flu-like virus that has been rocking the Reno community for the last several weeks. I was wrong. First, my husband brought it home, then our son got it and finally, 10 days later, so did I. After a week-and-a-half of chicken soup for the hubby and son, I was determined to get out of the house for a bit on a Saturday morning. By the time I got back a few hours later, that flu-like nastiness had found me. For that weekend, I was confined to the couch and bed. I slept 12 hours a night and even napped.

My husband handled everything on my sickest days. He cared for, or coordinated care for, our son. He took care of the bedtime routine, the laundry, the dishes and the dinners.

I’ll admit we had a lot of chicken noodle soup and take out. Chinese, burgers, fried chicken. All of my favorites!

My sickest days just happened to coincide with the weekend before and the first day of Washoe County School District’s Spring Break. Fortunately, I had signed our son up for camp sessions. I’m better now, and really have been getting better since that Tuesday when the doctor told me I had laryngitis. And by then, I was dragging myself off the couch for breakfast and lunch prep and camp drop-offs once again.

Our young son helped by letting me sleep in (sort of), sharing his favorite stuffed animals, and letting me fall asleep to “Chopped” instead of “PAW Patrol.”

And, as a bonus, my husband continued to take care of basically everything through the end of the week.

Now my head is finally clear and I am so rested. The house could use a thorough cleaning, but I think I’m ready to tackle it.

Maybe after one more nap.

LauraVarnonHeadshotMy name is Laura Varnon. I live in Northwest Reno with my husband and our 5-year-old son, in a house we rent from my in-laws. I am a former reporter, business editor, ad agency employee and administrative assistant. I came to Reno by way of Connecticut and New York.


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