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Custom Orthotics Can Get You Active Again This Summer

Footcare USA OrthodicsWalking, running, hiking, gardening, lawn mowing, biking, and standing in long lines at events. When the weather warms up, our feet have to work extra hard to keep up—often in ill-fitting shoes and heated conditions that cause them to swell. And don’t even get us started on the damage flip-flops can do!

Custom orthotics can often help alleviate chronic foot pain, but many people don’t take advantage of this option because of such reasons as high cost and difficulty finding a provider. Fortunately, Footcare Orthotics USA has a great, limited-time offer on custom orthotics—get the details at the bottom of this post!

Two of our RMB regular contributors, Lauren Bradfield and Jessica Santina, have both been diagnosed with foot problems, and they recently had an opportunity to try out custom orthotics from Footcare Orthotics USA. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

Lauren Bradfield:

From the time I turned 13, right around the time I joined soccer, my right hip started to bother me. It was a weird pain. It wouldn’t be there one day, then it would be debilitating the next. A trip to the doctor revealed I had hip bursitis, a condition where the fluid-filled sac that sits between the tendon and the bone to prevent friction becomes inflamed. There wasn’t much I could do other than take anti-inflammatories, ice it, and avoid activities that worsened the condition. Fortunately for me, the pain went away, and like any good teen, I promptly forgot about it.

It popped back up in college on occasion, but for the most part, I never thought much about hip bursitis until pregnancy. My last trimesters were agony with both boys, and ever since I had my youngest, my right hip has never recovered. Hip bursitis is now a constant issue. It hits me when I do high-impact exercises, and on bad days my knees actually buckle from the pain. Yet I’m not interested in forgoing the activities I love, like running and biking, because of my stupid hip. So I was in search of another answer besides a daily cocktail of Ibuprofen and ice.

That’s why when Footcare Orthotics USA reached out to Reno Moms Blog about their custom-made orthotics, I was all over it. I know proper footware is essential to helping with bursitis, but I’d never pursued custom orthotics before. I was curious how they would help, and in my excitement, I ordered two pairs: a sport set and a casual wear set.

The ordering process with Footcare Orthotics USA is easy. An emailed link took me to a questionnaire that asked about any issues I had, my level of exercise, and other more general information. Once I filled that out, a mold arrived at my home within a week. My job was to step into the mold and allow the material (which I can only describe as Styrofoam-like) to do its job and mold to my feet. Next, I had to take a picture of the shoes I intended to wear the orthotics in and email the photo to the same address where I sent my questionnaire. Finally, I sent this mold back with the paid postage, and within three weeks my custom orthotics arrived at my door. I was dutifully impressed.

The orthotics I received were of the highest quality. I have very high arches, and I was impressed with the support they provided. That being said, orthotics of any kind take some getting used to. Recommended exercises were included in the box, and those helped a lot. It was also recommended that I wear my orthotics only one to two hours a day while I get used to them, and while I’m about two weeks in, I can’t wear them more than three hours. I also highly encouraged you to have a shoe that has easily removable footpads. My current issue with my running shoes is that the footpads are not removable. Rather, they seem completely flat, so I can easily slip the insert in. This makes for a tight fit however.

Without a doubt, my gait changes when I wear them. I notice I tend to be the slightest bit pigeon-toed when I walk normally, and these correct that error. I hope this leads to fewer issues with bursitis as my wearing of them increases. I do not have this issue with my casual inserts, but I need to wear them with a high-back heel, as my heel slips in and out without it.

All in all, I am impressed with the speed and quality of Footcare Orthotics USA and am excited what my inserts can do to help me.

Jessica Santina

My whole life, I’ve struggled to be able to run. I always figured it was something about the way I was built—my body just doesn’t want to do it. I had so much pain, particular with shin splints and hip pain, that I was never able to sustain a run of any significant distance. In my 30s, I decided that I’d be okay with vigorous, frequent walking and other forms of exercise. When I got a Fitbit a little over a year ago, I stepped my walking up even more, setting higher and higher step goals. It was great for my physical health and metabolism, but bad for my poor feet. I’ve always had a high instep and arches and had trouble finding shoes that felt great over long periods of time, but the frequent exercise compounded the problem. A pain in the ball of my foot—like there was a pebble stuck there, applying pressure—was making it hard for me to stand, let alone walk. I’d had the pain before, in times when I’d been standing in high heels for hours, but it had been the exception; now it was the rule.

I made an appointment to see a podiatrist last summer and discovered the name for my problem: Intermetatarsal neuroma, often called Morton’s neuroma. Essentially, it is a benign tumor that stems from nerve inflammation between the toes, usually the second and third. When my podiatrist squeezed this place on my left foot, I yelped and jumped out of my chair.

The doctor recommended several treatments: ice for pain, shoes with a wide toe box (no narrow-toed dress shoes and NO flip-flops!), and custom orthotics. If the problem worsens, the doctor said, surgery could be effective.

Lacking the money to order custom orthotics at the time, I took the doctor’s advice and purchased a pair of over-the-counter orthotics, which made a bit of a difference. However, I had always been curious how much better custom orthotics would be. That’s why, when Footcare Orthotics USA approached Reno Moms Blog about its promotion, I seized the opportunity.

I agree with Lauren: The process was super simple. In fact, reading about the process makes it even seem more difficult than it was. I was emailed a link to a questionnaire, which it took me about 5 minutes to fill out. The questionnaire asks about the types of shoes we wear regularly, where our pain is, that kind of thing. Following that, within a week a box arrived at my house. Inside were two halves of a box, each containing foam material. All I had to do was step one foot into each box of foam, close it up, and take the box to the post office. I didn’t even have to pay to ship it; Footcare Orthotics prepaid the shipping. I also had to take a picture of the shoe I’d be using them in—I had opted to go with athletic shoes only, since that’s what I’m usually wearing when I spend significant amounts of time on my feet and having pain—with the insole of the shoe pulled out and sitting beside it in the photo. I had actually thrown away my shoes’ old insoles when I’d started using the over-the-counter orthotics, so I just used that. I emailed the photo to my representative, Jackie, and that was it!

The hardest thing was waiting three weeks for the orthotics to show up!

Jessica's box of custom orthotics
Jessica’s box of custom orthotics
Jessica's custom orthotics, fresh out of the box!
Jessica’s custom orthotics, fresh out of the box!

I got my orthotics in the mail about 10 days ago, and so far I’m loving them. The arch is comfortingly high and supportive of my natural arch—a new sensation for sure. They really cradle and support my feet, which takes about a minute to get used to and then puts a spring in my step. I threw away my OTC orthotics and now leave these custom ones in my sneakers full time.

Jessica's shoe, with the insole removed, ready for the custom orthotic to be inserted.
Jessica’s shoe, with the insole removed, ready for the custom orthotic to be inserted.
The orthotic slides in easily
The orthotic slides in easily
Jessica's shoe with the orthotic in place. It only takes a second and it fits like a glove!
Jessica’s shoe with the orthotic in place. It only takes a second and it fits like a glove!

When I received my orthotics, I also received an email with a link to custom-prepared exercises for me to do, in order to adjust my feet and legs for the orthotics. Many of these exercises are things I’ve already been doing, since my visit to the podiatrist and my own personal research into Morton’s neuromas. I have had no trouble wearing my orthotics for hours at a time, without any pain or exhaustion in my feet. I’m about due for some new sneakers, so I’m excited to see how they feel in new shoes designed for feet like mine.

One drawback to orthotics, though, is that they take up space in your shoes. Many shoes don’t have removable insoles or are too small to accommodate orthotics, so I can’t really use them in any other shoes. And since a tight toe box is part of what caused my neuroma, it doesn’t make sense for me to do so. I recommend that if you plan to buy orthotics, consider buying shoes that are a half or even full size higher.

If you’ve ever considered getting custom orthotics, check out the deal below—now might be the perfect time for it. I definitely recommend it!


Great Offer on Custom Orthotics!

Do you need custom orthotics? For just $45*, Footcare Orthotics USA is offering custom orthotics tailor-made for your feet, your shoes, and whatever sport you play.

These orthotics usually sell for $300, but because our company is looking to improve and streamline our customer service, we are offering these orthotics for $45, *if you agree to complete a short survey.

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This post was sponsored by Foodcare Orthodics USA.



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