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What they don’t tell you about the SECOND child

What they don't tell you about the second cchildThank you to the overwhelming response from my original blog last year about What they don’t tell you about newborns. I am so happy that it touched many people and was asked to follow up on this.

Since writing the original blog, our second child (a boy) has turned one!  Our first is a girl and she was a difficult delivery, colicky baby and just plain hard. Reflecting back on her first year, I am not sure if she was “hard” because I was a  first time mom or if it was her but our second baby, Levi is SO much easier.

After the first baby you come to a few realizations. Here are some:

1. Let infants just be. With my first, I constantly thought I needed to do “something with her” whether it was move her, take her somewhere, play with her, etc..  in all reality, all I was doing was over-stimulating her. With the second I fed him, swaddled him (remember swaddling is key for about 3 months) and let him sleep. This made him happy/content and gave me the freedom and TIME I needed to focus on my daughter.

2. Enjoy them. The first is scary and life changing. For me, I felt like I needed to be “doing something” (laundry, dishes, etc.) all the time. With the second, I took it all in.. snuggled all day, breastfed on demand and just plain enjoyed him.

3. You love them just as much. This was a huge fear. I had no idea how I could love another baby as much as my first. She was our “everything.”  When Levi came around, it was instant love. Somewhere, somehow you just do. You don’t think you will but it happens and is amazing!

4. Time management. This is actually my husband’s input to the blog. Your time becomes very precious. Going to the gym is scheduled. Simple tasks like running an errand become a monstrous time commitment.  For us, scheduling time with our friends away from kids is important and date night monthly is a must.  It becomes critical to plan your day and then work your plan if you are trying to get a lot done in a day.


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dooley familyStaci Dooley, APRN is a life-long Nevadan. She was born in Reno but was raised in Fallon, Nevada. After graduating high school, Staci returned to Reno to attend the University of Nevada, Reno and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from UNR in 2005. She worked as a women’s health nurse immediately after graduation and returned to UNR and completed, with honors, her Master’s Degree in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner, in May 2009. She currently works for Saint Mary’s Family and Integrated Medicine clinic in South Reno.


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